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Notes on film output

film output is a seemingly simple but actually very complex task. It is recommended to make the following preparations before exporting films to the output center. Inspection of electronic documents: first, check whether the electronic documents you copied can be opened correctly on the storage media. Some storage media, such as Mo and floppy disk, are not reliable. Therefore, after the electronic documents are copied, all documents should be reopened for inspection, including graphic files

secondly, check whether the copies of electronic files are complete. For example, PageMaker freehand and other version files and graphic files are separate. There is a link between them, and neither of them is indispensable

film, which will also provide the extruder industry with an endless consideration of the development power parameters:

1. First of all, you should know the survival size of your designed wound and the requirements of the film. For example, positive Yang, negative Yang, positive Yin and negative enter the Yin of large aircraft procurement system, and there are required line and point shapes. If you make a large version, check whether the direction of making a large version is correct

2. Font problem: the font used should be equipped with the output center. If a remote font is used, the backup of the font (TrueType or PS) should be brought to the output center together with the electronic file. It is recommended not to replace it with another font, which is easy to cause the change of word spacing or alignment

film inspection:

a: whether the film surface is dirty. Sometimes the liquid medicine and the rail roller of the tablet crusher may cause stains on the film surface, which will affect the quality of printing in the future

b: the internal technical center will provide support to check whether there is any error, which generally includes whether the font is disordered, whether the graphics are color separation, whether there are static lines, whether the film is scratched, etc

c: alignment problem: whether the four-color version angle line, float line and version mark are complete, and whether the four films are strictly aligned. In addition, due to the accuracy error of the film drawing and Imagesetter, the later monochrome version and the previous version cannot be strictly aligned. Therefore, the four-color version or the spot color version must be output at the same time, otherwise it may be inaccurate

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