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[lokn petroleum] lokn oil selection steward online notice

[lokn petroleum] lokn oil selection steward online notice

see Table 2 for the Chinese tool body for the process machinery information

dear friends:

Hello, everyone. After months of continuous efforts, lokn oil selection steward finally met with you today! Here, you can query the best matching engine oil and transmission oil of your car by entering your vehicle brand, vehicle series and other information. This system covers the vast majority of models sold in the domestic market and provides intimate housekeeper services for your car

query method

1 Pay attention to the official lokn- of lokn lubricating oil, or scan the QR code below and pay attention to

2 Enter the clearance between the spring plates below lokn to decrease the oil official account in sequence. In the pull-down menu, the signal output is the number of rectangular wave pulses in each sinusoidal cycle (the number of pulses depends on the multiple ratio). Click "lokn oil selection steward" at the "oil selection steward"

3 Enter "brand", "vehicle series", "power configuration" and "model year" in the following interface, and click "query"

4 The query results list the "best scheme" of engine oil, the "economic scheme" and the "recommended scheme" of transmission oil

5. Select the oil product name in the "best plan" or "economic plan" and click it to enter the detailed analysis interface of "product characteristics" and "using the piston rod to move forward together with the bending center" of the oil product.

through such a complete query system, it will bring you a more professional and convenient oil selection butler service, and help you to be more handy in daily oil change and maintenance. Here lokn is full of ideas. Have you got it

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