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It has been only one year since it was settled in Huailai, and Huaxia happiness has helped it become the leading enterprise of tethering UAVs. Today, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, some projects related to intelligence have also risen rapidly and have a good momentum of development. For example, today's UAV enterprise may think that UAVs are just a toy when it comes to UAVs. In fact, its application is very broad. Let's take a look at this leading enterprise of UAVs, What achievements have been made in Huailai Industrial Park of Huaxia happiness

in the vast blue sky, its UAV has achieved normal flight in the air at a height of 300 meters, breaking through the bottleneck of domestic technology; They went deep into the disaster areas for many times, took small communication base stations into the air, and quickly established temporary emergency high-altitude base stations; Completed several emergency high-altitude base station communication drills on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau... As the first in the field of tethering UAVs, it deserves it

it is Huailai Zhuoyi UAV Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuoyi UAV"). In Huailai industrial new town, how does Zhuoyi UAV become the industry leader step by step with the help of Huaxia happiness? What dreams will it challenge in the future? Explore together -

unique advantages

Huailai industrial new city attracts high-tech enterprises to settle down

the parent company of Zhuoyi UAV - Beijing Zhuoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015. The company focuses on the R & D and production of tethered UAVs, has domestic first-class core technologies in many fields such as visual navigation and precise positioning, and has fully independent intellectual property rights in the R & D of control systems such as industrial flight control systems

▲ Zhuoyi UAV was invited to participate in the "Eighth China UAV conference and Exhibition & China International unmanned system technology achievements trading Exhibition"

according to Ren Xuefeng, CEO of Zhuoyi UAV, tethered UAV is a high-end segment of industrial UAV, "Its biggest feature is long endurance and high technical quality. At present, it has been widely used in disaster relief and rescue, border inspection, geological survey, national defense and military industry and other fields, which has higher standards for the design, technology, stability and other aspects of UAV, and the product itself also has high technical barriers."

as early as 2013, Ren Xuefeng and his core technical team began to focus on the cause of tethering UAVs. Ren Xuefeng graduated from the flight control department of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, majoring in navigation guidance and control. After leaving school, he has been engaged in the research and development business related to flight control and flight simulation. After years of professional research and industry practice, he accumulated rich experience, and also gained rich resources and market information. Finally, he made up his mind to become one of the first people to set foot in the field of domestic tethered UAVs

▲ Zhuoyi UAV unveiled at 2018 Asia Europe Expo

since 2017, UAV testing has been limited in Beijing, forcing Zhuoyi UAV to start looking for a new home. Ren Xuefeng and his team visited many places, even Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but finally chose to settle down in Huailai industrial new city. In August 2017, Beijing Zhuoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract to settle in Huailai industrial new town, and a month later established Huailai Zhuoyi UAV Co., Ltd

when talking about the reasons for settling in Huailai, Ren Xuefeng said: "Huailai is different from other counties and cities in Hebei. In addition to being close to Beijing, it has a unique advantage here, which is wind. It has north wind all the year round. It can reach level 9-10 in autumn and winter, and the speed is more than 80 kilometers per hour. It is very suitable for the high-altitude balance test of tethering UAVs. This makes our test work very simple. People can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console, that is, waiting for the wind, especially waiting for the wind."

▲ Zhuoyi UAV cooperates with Xinjiang Horgos Public Security Bureau to carry out emergency communication drill

in addition to Huailai's superior location and natural conditions, for Ren Xuefeng, the reason why he finally locked in Huailai industrial new town is Huaxia happiness's ability to build aerospace industrial clusters. He clearly saw that Huaxia happiness for Huailai industrial new town highly gathered all links in the aerospace industry chain. Taking the industrial UAV industry as an example, the focus here is to build component manufacturing and auxiliary system development, subsystem design and product design and testing, whole machine manufacturing, and application derivative services. At present, key enterprises such as the UAV Institute of the ninth Academy of Astronautics and Changyuan technology have been attracted to settle in, truly forming a comprehensive industrial park integrating the "production, learning, research, and application" of industrial UAVs. All these undoubtedly have great attraction for Zhuoyi UAV

has become the industry leader

Huaxia happiness helps enterprises achieve greater dreams

in the days after settling down, Ren Xuefeng is also satisfied with the "all-round + three-dimensional" industrial service system of Huaxia happiness: in order to meet the needs of the flight test of Zhuoyi UAV products and better help the development of enterprises, the approval of the temporary takeoff and landing point of UAV was obtained in March 2018; In order to speed up the handling of enterprise production procedures, two green channels for administrative approval were completed. In addition, Huaxia Xingfu also held a Huailai job fair for Zhuoyi UAV to solve the problem of employee turnover caused by relocation

"here, we just need to concentrate on business. As for matters related to industrial and commercial approval, we don't have to go out of the park. Huaxia happiness Association, in conjunction with relevant government departments, took the initiative to go to the park to help us handle procedures. In addition, Huaxia happiness also opened services, and 24-hour special personnel were assigned to solve the logistics problems of enterprise employees." Speaking of this, Ren Xuefeng couldn't help sighing: "cooperating with Huaxia happiness is like holding a pair of powerful hands."

▲ real scene of Huailai industrial new town

with the help of Huaxia happiness, on January 8, 2018, Zhuoyi intelligent tethered UAV realized normal flight at 300 meters high altitude, and breakthroughs in key technologies made up for domestic technological gaps; On August 21, Xinjiang Horgos Public Security Bureau launched an anti-terrorism communication drill at the foot of Tianshan Mountain. The small communication base station carried by Zhuoyi intelligent Tianshu x4- four spin six wing tethered UAV effectively ensured the smooth communication between the UAV and the public security command center, and ensured that the command center synchronously received real-time data from the target site...

at present, Zhuoyi UAV has become the No. 1 in the domestic tethered UAV industry, and has been successful. 1 According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into customized partners and entrusted R & D partners of Aerospace Science and industry group, aerospace science and technology group, China Shipbuilding and other research institutions, as well as many UAV commercial institutions. The ball screw pair rotating partners are driven by the servo electromechanical with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system

▲ Zhuoyi UAV participated in the "China Mobile 2018 Gansu region emergency training and martial arts competition"

in this regard, Ren Xuefeng said that the dream of Zhuoyi UAV did not stop here. At present, military civilian integration has become a national strategy, and UAV will also usher in a golden period of development, which will bring greater boost to the country, industry and people's livelihood. It can be predicted that the development of UAV from military to civil, military civilian integration, and from civil consumption level to civil industrial level will become a major development trend of UAV industry

Zhuoyi's next goal is to challenge global cutting-edge enterprises in core technology, achieve higher intelligence, higher load capacity, stronger stability, higher precision positioning and safety, and make greater breakthroughs in the military industry, so that Zhuoyi UAV can be widely used in vehicle borne, reconnaissance operations, etc

Huaxia happiness is the same, hoping to introduce and absorb more and more emerging industries in Huailai Aerospace Industrial Park, which will bloom like Zhuoyi UAV

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