It is a wise choice to abandon the traditional low

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It is a wise choice to abandon traditional low-end machine tool products

at present, the whole machine tool industry is still facing great downward pressure. The pressure mainly comes from three aspects. First, at present, the domestic demand for equipment manufacturing and related industries closely related to the machine tool industry is still not strong enough, and the driving force for the machine tool industry needs to be improved. According to the data, by December 2012, the new orders of key contact enterprises of the machine tool association had increased negatively for 19 consecutive months, with a large decline. This situation is difficult to change significantly in the short term. Second, although the machine tool industry has been adjusting its structure for many years, the progress is slow and the effect is not obvious. At present, China's machine tool industry is still at the middle and low end of the international division of labor and industrial chain. The research and development of middle and high-end products needs to go through a long process to achieve the purpose of comprehensive management. The whole industry will continue to be in a low-speed or negative growth state for a certain period of time. Third, under the background of sluggish global economic recovery and rising trade protectionism, the competitive advantage of China's machine tool exports has weakened, and the uncertainty faced by the external demand market has increased

the only way to reverse the current adverse business situation and change the situation of continuous decline in growth rate is to make full use of various resources and speed up the development of metal material experimental instruments; Transformation and upgrading to achieve a fundamental breakthrough from "being able to do" to "doing well"

first of all, we should actively adjust the product structure, actively combine basic research with market demand, and make more medium and high-end machine tools serve key fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, etc. When the time is ripe, we should boldly give up the traditional low-end products of "eating at home" and focus more on the field of precision parts and provide complete sets of equipment for high-end users who continue to contribute new momentum to the construction of one belt and one road

secondly, we should have a deep understanding of the market and meet the needs of users in key areas. As the equipment industry of industrial development, the machine tool industry should deeply understand the market development trend and continuously improve the product quality in the process of development and production

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