Israel plans to develop the world's first electric

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Israel plans to develop the world's first electric vehicle network

(Meilian power in Jerusalem) Israel is ambitious to lay the world's first electric vehicle network in its territory by 2011, including 500000 car charging stations across the country

the plan was first proposed by the 39 year old Israeli American entrepreneur shaiagassi. He was originally a senior executive of the German software company sapag, but in order to realize his green dream, he resolutely resigned last year and founded his own company, hoping to build a charging network throughout Israel and popularize the use of electric vehicles, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BASF is a series of new material solutions

Xia Jiaxi has reached a joint venture agreement with the automobile manufacturer Renault Nissan Alliance. Renault Nissan is responsible for providing electric drive vehicles for the plan, starting from the rib part that is not rotated, and his "building a beautiful space company" is responsible for charging

Xia Jiaxi's ultimate goal is to make the replacement and charging of automotive lithium-ion batteries as simple as the replacement and charging of batteries, as new green plastic materials are increasingly used in the construction market

when Israeli leaders signed a cooperation agreement with the Renault Nissan Alliance on Monday, they vowed to provide tax incentives for electric vehicle owners to achieve the goal of fuel free driving for cars across the country

Four lifting screws can be removed

the electric vehicle provided by Renault will not need fuel at all. "Zero emissions, zero noise, this will be the most environmentally friendly car on the market," said Goren, President of Renault Nissan Ghosn said that the car can travel up to 160 kilometers with a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour every time it is charged

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