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Israel develops light-weight high-strength composites

scientists from the Israeli Institute of engineering and technology have successfully developed a new composite material 3dpe, which is bonded by optical fibers, has a hardness 10 times that of steel and has unique electrical properties. Polyeitan company, which was born from this, recently announced that the new material won the best project award of the U.S. - Israel research and development fund in 1999, and announced the plan to build a production base for this product in Israel. This new material is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is commonly used in optical fiber manufacturing. Researchers use novel technical means to convert the optical fiber made of it into solid composite materials. Using the combined effects of temperature, pressure, tension and chemical solvents, they fixed the entangled optical fibers to each other to form a large volume arrangement structure similar to brush bristles. When the connection is cured, These are firmly tied together, Professor Cheng said: "At present, the outstanding characteristics of ceramic components, such as high heat resistance and flame retardancy, have been widely used in the fields of thermal protective skin, intelligent sensors, electromagnetic wave absorption and anti-corrosion coating, and optical fibers have formed extremely hard composite materials. This so-called composite material is actually composed of a single chemical body, and composite mainly refers to the change of its physical structure. 3dpe is used in the manufacture of high-frequency communication circuit boards, human implanted joints and bulletproof cars It has broad application prospects. Dr. Cohen, an associate professor of Chemical Engineering Department of Zhengye International Institute of engineering and technology and the inventor of new materials, said that the use of additional accessories, a composite material composed of monomers, improves some electrical properties of the original material and can meet the high-frequency requirements of the evaluation materials in the field of high-speed communication that have passed the odor and olfaction test of Chang'an Ford for two days. It is highly "transparent" under UHF electronic radiation, and is suitable for the next generation of wireless communication technology materials. It is expected that the largest market of 3dpe materials in the future will be in the manufacturing field of circuit boards, high-speed wireless communication equipment and microwave equipment. In addition, because of its extraordinary high strength per unit weight, it can also be used to reduce the weight of the existing radar fairing. This hard and light new material is also particularly suitable for bulletproof armor, such as the manufacture of bulletproof helmets and bulletproof cars. In the medical field, 3dpe is also a rare new material for the outer layer of artificial joints because of its high wear resistance and high biocompatibility with human tissues. (from science and Technology)

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