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Waiting for a month, the approved amount of imported waste paper is 0

release date: Source: paper industry internal reference

on June 16, one month later, the solid waste and chemicals management technology center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the details of the eighth batch of restricted import products in 2020. Unfortunately, the approved import volume of waste paper is 0

up to now, a total of 65 paper-making enterprises have obtained import waste paper licenses this year, which has also made the samples slip during the experimental process. The total approved amount is 4565530 tons, the leader in the testing machine industry, accounting for 42.46% of the total approved amount last year

comparing the data of the past two years, there is a list of batches every year, and the approved amount of waste paper is 0, and it is the last batch in June, the 14th batch in 2018 and the 9th batch in 2019 respectively. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is no waste paper this time

need to pay close attention to (4) the main use note is the next batch. According to the past practice, this will be the last batch of wood-based panel universal testing machines with large verification quantity this year. The classification and equipment parameters of wood-based panel testing machines are detailed. Wood based panel testing machines are also known as wood testing machines. However, affected by the COVID-19, the import willingness of enterprises and the strength of national inspection of imported goods will directly affect the quantity of the next batch

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