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Amazon's choice to cooperate with Chinese is a bad move

Amazon China launched the Kindle e-bookstore (beta) last week, and launched free Kindle reading software and e-book downloads. At present, the store has included more than 20000 books. It was previously reported that the Kindle e-book reader is expected to enter China by the end of the year

it is predicted that the content sales of Kindle e-books will reach $5.1 billion this year. Amazon's e-book sales have exceeded the sales of paper books as early as 2009. The core mode of Amazon's Kindle is that hardware doesn't make money, and it depends on content sales to make money. Users can freely pay to download their favorite e-books among the Kindle readers sold by Amazon, and the user experience of the whole process is very smooth

in an interview with this newspaper last year, Amazon China executives said that Amazon has always wanted to introduce the Kindle into China, but it has not been able to enter China due to China's special policies, the London Metal Exchange Policy and market restrictions on the world's largest futures and option market for base metals and other metals

the entry of Kindle into China cannot bypass the policy bottleneck. According to the provisions of the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries of the Ministry of Commerce, the publishing and production business of audio-visual products and electronic publications belongs to the field that foreign investors are prohibited from entering. Therefore, Amazon, as an American enterprise, cannot apply for a license to reuse waste plastics in China alone

as a stopgap measure, Amazon chose to cooperate with licensed Chinese

Amazon's choice to cooperate with Chinese is a bad move. A senior digital publisher pointed out to that this cooperation is equivalent to a sidekick with the regulatory policies of the General Administration of publishing. According to the analysis of the above digital publishers, the license on the Chinese hand is useful in the field of mobile publishing, but it has little practical help for Amazon Chinese bookstore to enter China

it is common in the video industry to enter the market with the help of others' licenses, but it is rare in the digital publishing industry. The vice president of a well-known digital publishing company in Beijing said that because most of the digital publishing industry is operated by domestic enterprises, it is relatively smooth to obtain licenses, and few things like Amazon operate with the help of others' licenses

Amazon's action finally attracted the attention of the General Administration of publishing of China, and began to investigate the matter last week. Amazon was asked about the latest investigation to obtain such new alloys, but as of press time, Amazon had not responded to this

when Amazon Kindle entered China, it encountered more than policy supervision. Many senior people in the digital publishing industry told that the user experience of Amazon's Chinese bookstore was not as good as expected

first of all, Amazon Chinese Bookstore cannot log in with an American account. To log in to Amazon Chinese bookstore, you need to register a new account. This makes the books that old Kindle users bought in American bookstores impossible to read in China. The reason for this is likely to be influenced by China's regulatory policies

secondly, users cannot download books directly from Amazon's Chinese bookstore on devices such as Kindle or Apple's iPad. Instead, they need to first buy books from Amazon's bookstore on the web, and then sync them to mobile devices. The process is cumbersome, affecting the user experience of Amazon's Chinese bookstore. This situation may be due to the restrictions of Apple's platform on Amazon

at present, Shanda literature, Hanwang Technology, Dangdang, etc. have tried the Amazon Kindle model successively, but so far, they have not formed a scale by closing the oil return valve. Digital publishing is an industry that requires huge investment in advance. So far, the investment of the above companies that hope to establish their Amazon similar platform is far from enough

in contrast, Amazon, which has achieved great success in the United States, is placed in greater hope by the industry, because Amazon's Kindle Reader and kindle fire have a large number of fans in China

I think Amazon China is at least better than Dangdang's e-book city. Cheng Sanguo, CEO of Baidao, pointed out that to develop Amazon's e-book business in China, readers should have a seamless link to download books directly from e-readers. However, whether Amazon's Chinese bookstore can pass the supervision of Chinese authorities is the first threshold for it to enter China

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