It has become a consensus that the hottest acetic

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It has become a consensus for the acetic acid industry to tide over the difficulties.

due to the disorderly construction and expansion of acetic acid plants, China's acetic acid industry has stepped into the dilemma of serious overcapacity and loss operation of devices from technological breakthrough and rapid rise. At the 2012 national acetaldehyde, acetic acid and derivatives technology market seminar held in Dezhou, Shandong Province on September 21, industry experts reached a consensus: the industry should unite and develop together, overcome difficulties through transformation and upgrading by accelerating the development of downstream products and technological innovation, and promote the industry to turn to the track of healthy and stable development

in the late 1990s, the technology of methanol carbonylation to produce acetic acid was successfully developed in China. Technology has achieved a breakthrough, followed by a surge in production capacity. In 2005, China's acetic acid production capacity was 2million tons. By the end of 2011, the acetic acid production capacity had exceeded 8million tons, with an output of 5.3166 million tons. It is estimated that by 2015, China's acetic acid production capacity will exceed 10million tons, and the annual consumption demand at that time is only 5.38 million tons. The acetic acid production capacity will be seriously oversupplied

at present, affected by the international and domestic market environment, the price of acetic acid continues to be depressed, and the operating rate of the domestic acetic acid industry is less than 60%, causing the production enterprises in the industry to lose even on the cost line. 2. The welding parts of reinforcement are damaged. In the first seven months of this year, the average market sales price and production cost of leading enterprises in the industry were more than 200 yuan per ton

songqinhua, chairman of the national acetic anhydride industry cooperation group, said that the acetic acid industry is now in a very difficult period, mainly due to the disorderly development of the industry in recent years, blind expansion of production, enthusiasm for the development of upstream markets, insufficient development of downstream markets, and consumption is still mainly concentrated in traditional fields such as poly (terephthalic acid), vinyl acetate, acetate and so on

in order to change the structural dilemma of the acetic acid industry, industry stretching: manually adjust the maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, elastic modulus, etc. according to experience, and reach a development consensus: change the disordered expansion, disordered development, and the imbalance between production and demand, and consciously control the production capacity. Only when enterprises save themselves, can they strive for a good market order. Just like the concentration of experts in the whole industry to tackle key technical problems in those years, we concentrated on breaking through the inherent pattern of industry development, integrating advantageous forces and resources, and developing with fingers and fists. The industry will turn its energy to the downstream market and extend the industrial chain, such as vigorously promoting the coal to ethanol project. It is enough to strengthen the production and speed regulation range of 1~500mm/min, study and research cooperation, and improve the innovation and development ability of industry enterprises. Discuss the establishment of acetic acid industry technology innovation alliance, enterprises, scientific research institutions, design institutes jointly tackle key problems, focus on breaking through key technologies, and then realize industrialization. At the same time, the whole industry should carry out technological innovation in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and safety, comprehensive utilization, circular economy and other projects, transform traditional industries with technological innovation, eliminate backward processes and products, and implement high-tech product projects

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