It has become a habit that the performance of the

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Meili Paper: it has become a habit for its performance to be lower than expected

from 2006 to 2010, the annual targets for eliminating backward paper production capacity in China are 2.015 million tons, 2.3 million tons, 1.065 million tons, 507000 tons and 523000 tons respectively. At present, the total production capacity of the company is about 260000 tons, of which writing paper accounts for 40% (104000 tons), offset paper accounts for 40% (104000 tons), and box board paper is about 25000 tons. Other varieties include cultural paper, such as electrostatic copy paper and double offset paper. The company's medium and high-grade cultural paper is the company's leading product, with a total capacity of about 230000 tons. In 2007 or even later, the company can continue to enjoy the fun brought by the closure of the cultural paper factory. 2. Force measurement accuracy: ± 0.01 and product price rise. However, the contract price of the company increased slightly in 2008, only about yuan. Therefore, it is estimated that the price increase will not make a significant contribution to the company's performance. The company's annual performance is difficult. Graphene can be mixed with glass or carbon to avoid various experimental equipment failures. The biggest stimulus should be the integration project of coated paper and forest paper

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