New progress has been made in the restructuring of

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New progress has been made in the reorganization of Dalian machine tools

the reorganization of Dalian machine tools, which lasted for 18 months, has made new progress. Under the joint witness of relevant national ministries and commissions, Liaoning provincial and Dalian municipal governments, and China General Technology graphene in China Technology Group, the new Dalian Machine Tool Group - General Technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. officially unveiled the relevant policies and guidelines in Dalian on April 19

Dalian machine tool, once known as one of the "Eighteen Arhats" of domestic machine tools, was once one of the largest R & D and manufacturing bases of modular machine tools and flexible manufacturing systems in China. But the once "trump card" of machine tools has long been famous. Since November 2016, due to poor management, Dalian machine tool has successively defaulted on bonds, the capital chain has been extremely tight, lawsuits have broken out, and production and operation have stagnated. In November 2017, upon the application of creditors, the Dalian intermediate people's court ruled to accept the reorganization case of Dalian machine tool

since the court ruled to accept the reorganization case of Dalian machine tool, the introduction of strategic investors has attracted social attention. As an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government, China General Technology Group decided to invest in the reorganization of the former Dalian machine tool group and establish a new Dalian Machine Tool Group - General Technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd

In this regard, Mao Yufeng, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that with the joint efforts of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the Dalian municipal government and all parties in the industry, China General Technology Group reorganized Dalian machine tool and re operated it with a new asset structure. This is a very important attempt on how to solve the current industry operation dilemma, and a very important exploration and Practice on how to promote the development of China's machine tool industry through new systems and mechanisms under the condition of market economy

it is understood that in this process, Dalian machine tool made the choice of "protecting the industry" by "asset out" because this set of deformation unit has the reorganization of "selling with a single chip as the core". Through the undertaking of the new company, the stable continuation of core assets and the retention of technology and staff will be guaranteed to the greatest extent, creating conditions for future development

in addition, in terms of specific operations, the plan of overall disposal and sub sector implementation was adopted to restructure or dispose of more than 80 subsidiaries of the former Dalian machine tool company, that is, 29 companies were subject to judicial reorganization, and other subsidiaries were dealt with by means of out of court reorganization. Distinguish the machine tool sector from other sectors, highlight the optimization of main businesses, dispose of inefficient and ineffective assets, and ensure that the readjustment value is reflected

the manager of Dalian machine tool said that the reorganization played a key role in solving the chronic disease of Dalian machine tool. Effectively promote asset integration, help enterprises survive the business crisis, and maximize the repayment rate for creditors. In the process of restructuring, relevant departments took an active part in promoting the improvement of the regional business environment, using market-oriented and legal means to consolidate the achievements of "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy", and practicing "consolidation, enhancement, improvement and unimpeded" to deepen the supply side structural reform

as for the development direction after the reorganization, the head of China General Technology Group said that advanced manufacturing and technical service consulting are the core business of general technology group. After the integration of Dalian machine tool, general technology group will give full play to the resource advantages of the upstream and downstream of the industry, strengthen internal coordination, expand "smart +", tackle key problems of high-end technology, rubber isolation bearings can reduce the seismic effect, deeply participate in the construction of "the Belt and Road", and drive Chinese standards China's technology and equipment have gone global, helping to enhance the international competitiveness of China's machine tool industry

"by taking advantage of the resource integration ability and high-quality resource investment of the central enterprise group, facing the national strategy and industrial development trend, strengthening the top-level design, overall planning, step-by-step implementation, continuous upgrading, building a new Dalian machine tool, and striving to achieve 'Phoenix Nirvana, rebirth', which has important practical significance for the development of China's machine tool industry." Mao Yufeng suggested that after the reorganization, we should first identify the development orientation, clarify the strategic objectives, plan the business and product system, strengthen the construction of talents and teams, maintain necessary and continuous investment, and constantly deepen the reform, so as to achieve innovation driven development

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