New progress has been made in the research and dev

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New progress has been made in the research and development of key technologies of metamaterials and related devices

metamaterials refer to material systems that are realized through artificial structures and have extraordinary properties that natural materials do not have. They are one of the important development directions in the field of new materials. Through the innovative design of material structures, they can be widely used in wireless communications, aerospace, new energy utilization, and biology. It is necessary to ensure the quality, cost, and Under the condition of reliability, medical treatment and many other fields. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the theme project of "research and development of key technologies of metamaterials and related devices" was supported in the field of new material technology under the 863 plan. Recently, the 863 new materials technology field office organized experts in Beijing to accept the theme project

the project has carried out systematic research work around the overall goal, breaking through the key preparation of dielectric based metamaterials and devices, the miniaturization of antennas based on metamaterials, and the UHV transmission of flat-panel microwave lens antennas, which has become the third made in China business card after high-speed rail and nuclear power, realizing the application of metamaterial space modulation technology in digital microwave antenna and other systems, and solving key technical obstacles. Through the organization and implementation of the project, a precision testing line for the production of metamaterials has been built, providing a mass production verification base and a process verification base for the development of innovative technologies for metamaterials. Through the implementation of this project, the theoretical level and technical support level of research, development and application of metamaterials and related devices have been improved, the advantages of domestic metamaterials research have been integrated, a number of scientific research teams in the field of metamaterials have been trained, and a platform for metamaterials design, research, development, manufacturing and testing has been formed

during the "13th five year plan" period, in order to further promote the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development in China's material field, the Ministry of science and technology formulated the "special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the material field during the" 13th five year plan "to vigorously promote the technological upgrading of traditional (basic) materials such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals and petrochemicals in terms of industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading of basic materials, so as to meet the needs of national construction and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction; In terms of the development of new materials technology, we will focus on the development of strategic electronic materials, advanced structures and composites, new functional and intelligent materials to meet the development needs of strategic emerging industries; Develop forward-looking material technology, make breakthroughs in nano material technology and material genetic engineering technology, and form new technological and economic growth points; Strengthen the construction of material base and talent team, and enhance the continuous innovation ability in the field of materials


metamaterials, as one of the hottest research in recent years, have great application prospects for their strange properties. As a kind of material that uses the arrangement order of object structure to produce special properties, its material, structure shape and structure size directly determine the electromagnetic properties of metamaterials

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