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There are new regulations on the identification of wood flooring products

recently, we learned from Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that in order to regulate the wood flooring market, designers must never make concessions to protect consumers! For the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has made clear provisions on the standards of wooden floor products that can also help produce better and cheaper sports prosthetic identification standards, and from January 1 this year, the law enforcement departments are required to carry out law enforcement and inspection according to these provisions

wooden floor refers to solid wood floor, laminate floor, solid wood composite floor and all floors made of wood materials. Its product identification should be clearly indicated on the prominent position of the product or the smallest sales package, and the identification content includes brand name, specification, model, production date and batch number. The identification on the smallest package shall also include the factory name, address, quality grade, product executive standard number, tree species, moisture-proof and sunscreen marks. There should also be product quality inspection certificate and standard installation and operation instructions. The imported products shall have the address of origin and the registered name and address of the agent distributor in China. The entrusted content and name of products processed abroad shall be clearly indicated. The logo shall be in standard Chinese, wear-resistant, clear and easy to identify. The legal unit of measurement shall be used, and the content shall not be exaggerated or falsified

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