New progress has been made in the development of t

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New progress has been made in the development of table tennis robots in the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

the Key Laboratory of complex systems and intelligent control has studied table tennis robots since 2008. At present, the equipment has been completed. The table tennis robot independently developed can realize more than 50 meetings of man-machine confrontation

taking robot playing table tennis as the background, this paper studies the visual tracking, trajectory prediction and control technology of high-speed moving objects. In table tennis, the larger the flight size of table tennis, the faster the speed, which can reach more than 10m/s. Therefore, when using robots to play table tennis, we need to solve the problems of fast-moving table tennis tracking, trajectory prediction and controlling robots to hit the ball accurately. These problems are not only the common key problems in the field of robot research, but also the urgent problems to be solved in the military and industrial fields. Visual tracking and trajectory prediction of high-speed moving objects have very broad application prospects, and the research is of great significance

robot table tennis has been carried out abroad for many years. As a large country of table tennis, China has made outstanding achievements in the field of table tennis, but it started late in the field of table tennis robots

At present, the Institute of automation has made the following important research achievements:

its purpose is to unload the load and make the oil pressure of the working oil cylinder drop rapidly

(1) a distributed high-speed vision system is designed, which can quickly and stably capture the trajectory of table tennis, and can adapt to a certain degree of light and background changes

(2) an accurate table tennis trajectory prediction algorithm based on physical model is proposed

(3) a five degree of freedom table tennis robot and the corresponding table tennis return strategy are designed

the hitting level of this robot is in the leading position in China, and greatly reduces the gap with table tennis robots in China or outside the glass transition temperature. At present, the robots of the Institute of automation are carrying out the recognition of human playing patterns, the research of various intelligent return strategies, and the first is the recognition of the rotation of table tennis made of graphene and high molecular conductive materials. They are moving forward to the world-class level

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