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There are new regulations on the inspection and management of imported and exported food packaging containers

yesterday, I learned that the composition and working principle of the servo control system of the power anchor chain tensile testing machine - 220V 50Hz. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China recently issued the "Regulations on the management of the inspection and supervision of imported and exported food packaging containers and packaging materials". Huai'an inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded that relevant enterprises in our city should pay close attention to national policies

according to the introduction, the hanging chain of the stretching belt attachment should be used as a fixture for clamping the experimental piece. In the previous investigation, the city's export food packaging found that there were hidden dangers in safety and health, mainly because the production environment of the packaging production enterprises could not meet the health requirements, and there were dirty, messy and poor problems. Even some packaging production enterprises did not have health licenses, and the employees did not have health licenses, It belongs to illegal production

this regulation will be implemented from August 1st, 2006. According to the requirements of the regulations, the production enterprises and importers of export food packaging containers should go to the local inspection and quarantine institutions for filing, and the inspection and quarantine institutions should implement periodic inspection on the food packaging containers produced by the filing enterprises. Food packaging containers that are not filed or fail to pass the inspection shall not be used to package export food, and imported food packaging (including the packaging of food already packaged) that has not been inspected or fails to pass the inspection shall not be sold and used

Huai'an inspection and Quarantine Bureau also reminded export food enterprises to inform the above provisions to the production enterprises that provide them with food inner and outer packaging, and ask for corresponding certificates, so as not to affect the normal export after the implementation of the new regulations on August 1

source: Huaihai Evening News

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