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Sichuan: Ten highlights of grassland work in 2020 release date: Source: China Green Times

in 2020, Sichuan Province Based on the construction of ecological barriers in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, comprehensively promoted the ecological protection and development of grasslands in Sichuan. Recently, the ten highlights of grassland work in Sichuan Province in 2020 were released

I. actively plan for the protection, restoration and utilization of grasslands in the whole province

Sichuan held a provincial grassland work meeting to plan in advance the "14th five year plan" for the protection, restoration and utilization of grasslands in the province. Compile and print the management materials of the grassland ecological restoration and control project in the province, and cultivate the working team of rural herdsmen who are familiar with policies and businesses in provinces, prefectures and counties that are easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage through experience exchange

II. Establishment of Sichuan Grassland work station

in May 2020, Sichuan Province newly established the provincial grassland work station. So far, Sichuan Provincial grassland working institutions include grassland management office, grassland supervision station, grassland working station and Grassland Science Research Institute, forming a working institutional structure with clear division of labor

third, grassland protection and development should be promoted simultaneously

in August 2020, Sichuan injected new impetus into bilateral relations. The provincial government held a provincial on-site meeting on grassland ecological protection and high-quality development of modern grassland animal husbandry, which made it clear that the grasslands in Sichuan Province are under the general framework of "3112": first, adhere to ecological priority and actively explore the road of green development. Second, adhere to the transformation of mode and actively explore the road of sustainable development. Third, adhere to the main drive, and actively explore the way to help the development of agriculture. Fourth, adhere to the interaction between the three industries and actively explore the road of integrated development

IV. strong protection of grassland resources

we will continue to promote the work of grass management according to law, severely crack down on illegal acts that destroy the grassland, such as indiscriminate excavation and mining, indiscriminate occupation and indiscriminate occupation, and comprehensively implement the grassland grazing prohibition and rest, the balance between grass and livestock, and the basic grassland protection system. Standardize the management of grassland requisition and occupation, strengthen the supervision during and after the event, and carry out special verification on the requisition and use of grassland of 202 engineering construction projects approved since 2016. Work closely with the public security and market supervision departments to strengthen the protection of ephedra, Cordyceps and other resources

v. provincial policies are in place

the Sichuan provincial government strongly supports the work of grassland ecological protection and development, and annually implements 97.85 million special funds for grassland ecological restoration and control. In the past two years, it has formed a joint force with the central financial funds to carry out grassland ecological restoration and control in 48 counties in pastoral areas

VI. grassland monitoring is promoted layer by layer

take the lead in laying out the construction of grassland monitoring stations (points), allocate 17.75 million provincial funds to build 88 grass-roots grassland monitoring "stations in prefectures and counties, form a three-level linkage pattern of grassland monitoring in provinces, prefectures and counties, gradually establish and improve the basic guarantee system of grassland monitoring in provinces, prefectures and counties, and explore and establish a new model of three-dimensional perception of grassland management and integrated grassland development

VII. Strengthen the support of science and technology

complete the 12million science and technology project with financial funds, rely on the Provincial Academy of grassland sciences to carry out the construction of local grass seed conservation system, degraded grassland ecological restoration standard system, grassland biological disaster prevention and control and health evaluation technical support system, and participate in the ecological restoration of degraded grassland from all angles. A series of local grassland protection and restoration technology standard systems have been established, key grassland laboratories and long-term scientific research bases have been improved, and a technical platform for the collection, preservation, evaluation and utilization of field grass germplasm resources has been built

VIII. Ecological restoration achievements are beginning to show

the results of grassland ecological restoration in Sichuan Province are beginning to show. In 2020, 9.02 million mu of grassland will be rehabilitated, and the comprehensive grassland vegetation coverage in the province will be 85.8%, 30 percentage points higher than the national average. The total output of natural grassland with timing belt fresh grass reached 91.2 billion kg, an increase of 3% over the previous year, effectively realizing the greening and efficiency increase of grassland

IX. the grassland publicity atmosphere is strong

carry out grassland law popularization activities on the "June 18 grassland protection day" in 2020, and publicize and popularize grassland laws and regulations in various forms and ways. In August, 2020, in the first selection of "ten most beautiful grasslands in Sichuan Province", the "ten most beautiful grasslands" such as Hongyuan grassland and the "five most beautiful grassland landscapes" of Daocheng Luorong cattle farm grassland were selected. The pilot project of grassland National Park was launched to form a good public opinion atmosphere for grassland ecological protection

X. repair and governance focus on actual results

Sichuan province implemented 1.954 million mu of artificial grass planting and restoration of degraded grassland, including 354000 mu of artificial grass planting and degraded grassland treatment, and 1.6 million mu of natural grassland improvement; Five 15000 Mu native grass seed bases, 5.25 million mu of pest control, 1.81 million mu of grazing return project, and 120000 mu of pilot aerial seeding grass planting

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