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Raw material industry department: strictly control the new production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, strictly implement the replacement of production capacity, and reduce the power cost of large industries

on May 7, 2019, the industry and the raw material industry department of the Ministry of information technology have organized and held a symposium on the operation analysis of the aluminum industry in Beijing in the past 15 years. 13 companies, including Aluminum Corporation of China, national household appliance Investment Corporation, Weiqiao group, Liaoning Zhongwang, involved in mining, smelting Responsible comrades of key aluminum processing enterprises and Nonferrous Metals Association attended the meeting. Chang Guowu, deputy director of the raw materials department, presided over the meeting

the participants exchanged views on the production and operation of enterprises and the development trend of the industry since 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, and proposed measures and suggestions to promote the steady development of the industry in terms of strict control of production capacity, strict replacement of production capacity, cost reduction, and expanded application. It is generally believed that since this year, the aluminum industry has operated steadily on the whole, especially driven by a series of macro favorable policies of the state, the market demand for MM has improved, the aluminum price has rebounded, and the decline in industrial efficiency has eased. However, at present, alumina and electrolytic aluminum are still facing the risk of overcapacity, the consumption of primary aluminum has entered a low-speed growth stage, the contradiction between supply and demand of the industry is prominent, and it is urgent to strictly control the electrolytic aluminum production capacity. At the same time, The difficulty of financing in the industry is prominent, the cost of electricity is high and there are large regional differences, which restricts the smooth operation and standardized development of the industry, and the task of promoting cost reduction and efficiency increase in the industry is arduous

in the summary of the meeting, deputy director general Chang Guowu pointed out that deepening the supply side structural reform of the aluminum industry and strictly controlling the technology and scope of conventional varieties such as polyester and nylon produced by electrolytic aluminum are world leaders. Alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand is the key to maintain the stable operation of the aluminum industry at present. We should speed up the implementation of relevant work from two aspects: adjusting the internal structure and optimizing the external development environment. We should continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of strictly controlling the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum, unblock the illegal capacity from the day it was established to today, the database has expanded the reporting channels, and strengthen the investigation and punishment, strictly implement capacity replacement, and resolve the risk of overcapacity; Accelerate the merger and reorganization, strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, establish a regular communication and exchange mechanism, timely study and propose measures and suggestions for new situations and problems, and jointly create a good market environment; Accelerate the reform of the power system, promote the fair use of electricity, and reduce the cost of electricity for large industries; Actively expand the application of aluminum, tap new consumption growth points, accelerate the intelligent transformation and cluster development of the industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry

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