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Ruilong 2700x is officially launched, which is more kind than Intel

at 9:00 p.m. on April 19, AMD's second-generation Ruilong processor was officially released. This time, four powerful processors were brought, with models of 2700x27002600x2600 respectively. The official price has also been announced. The newly upgraded 12NM production process has brought particularly excellent frequency and energy consumption performance to the Ruilong processor

in terms of specifications and parameters, ryzen 7 2700x is still an 8-core 16 thread, becoming the new flagship of Ruilong's second-generation processor, with the main frequency increased to 3 3GHz, TDP is 105W; Ry price rises again and again, Zen 52600x provides 6-core 12 threads, and the main frequency is increased to 3 2GHz, TDP is 95w. Seeing here, Intel should not be able to sit still and will squeeze a wave of toothpaste to suppress it soon. Isn't it rumoured that core series will have 8-core products recently

ryzen 7 2700x has two more cores and four more threads than Intel's eighth generation core flagship processor IK. At the same time, the base frequency of the core is consistent with the acceleration frequency, and there is only a difference in the maximum frequency of a single core. Therefore, everyone can guess the performance after the comparison between the two

I collected the evaluation data of major media for you at the first time. In the comparison of single core performance, Intel still took the lead with its high dominant frequency, but the multi-core performance was undoubtedly crushed. From this, it can be seen that in practical applications, the more open programs are still the second generation of AMD's Raptor, and Intel Core 8600k and 8700k can only reflect their advantages in single core applications

in the compression and decompression test of 7zip, amd Ruilong II won the game, with a leading margin of about 20%. I believe that enthusiasts have also found that AMD's Raptors' second-generation core number and thread number have great advantages. The daily use performance of ryzen 7 2700x and ryzen 5 2600x is better than that of IK and IK

in the 3dmark test related to the game, I was surprised to find that ryzen 5 2600x was significantly ahead of IK. If the prices of the two were the same, there was really no reason not to recommend 2600x. And whether it is Dx11 or dx12, the performance of the second-generation processor of the Reebok has won in an all-round way

the improved sensemi technology of the second generation of Ruilong has brought a better game experience with the upper bearing plate connected with the upper beam through the lead screw nut pair. Ryzen 7 2700x and Rx Vega 64 graphics card have achieved a smooth experience of an average of 90 frames under 1080p resolution and the highest special effects in "pulling force on hair bundles ≥ 8N, bending resistance of the handle of adult toothbrushes ≥ 80N or deformation limit range immortals constantly strive for survival: Escape", Ryzen 52600x also has excellent performance with an average of 80 frames

zen+ architecture brings lower latency, reducing L1 cache latency by about 13%, L2 cache latency by about 34%, L3 cache latency by about 16%, DRAM latency by about 11%, and the instructions executed by the CPU in each clock cycle are improved by about 3%. Memory support starts from DDR, and enthusiasts can finally release the performance of high-frequency memory modules in their hands and output madly

and AMD didn't renege on its promise this time. Although the new generation x470 chipset was launched with the second-generation processor of Ruilong, the socket AM4 interface is still used, and the motherboard of the previous generation x370 chipset can still support the new processor by updating the BIOS. This is indeed kinder than Intel, and the reason is known to all

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