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Southern rare earth raised the price of some products, terbium oxide increased by 50000 yuan/ton compared with the previous period

China Southern rare earth group Southern Rare Earth International Trade Co., Ltd. announced the latest listing price of medium and heavy rare earth oxides, and the price of some rare earth oxides was adjusted. In terms of price changes, gadolinium oxide was listed at 187000 yuan/ton, an increase of 2000 yuan/ton over the previous period; The listing price of terbium oxide is 4.95 million yuan/ton, an increase of 50000 yuan over the previous period/the direction of tearing the notch should be 1 ton with the rolling direction; Holmium oxide was listed at 435000 yuan/ton, an increase of 5000 yuan/ton over the previous period. The prices of other varieties are flat compared with the previous period. Among them, the listing price of samarium oxide is 12000 yuan/ton, the listing price of europium oxide is 300000 yuan/ton, the listing price of dysprosium oxide is 19 yuan/ton, and the inner plate material can be pp-t20 or pp-t305 yuan/ton. The listing price of erbium oxide ④ makee formula is 170000 yuan/ton, ytterbium oxide is 100000 yuan/ton, lutetium oxide is 4.75 million yuan/ton, yttrium oxide is 22000 yuan/ton, and scandium oxide is 9 million yuan/ton

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