Control equipment failure in the control room of t

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Large pump station control room control equipment failure

1 The fault phenomenon

is not only that the plastic position machine cannot start the unit

2. Consequences

the control system cannot work, the operation fails, and the start-up time of the unit is delayed

3. Take measures

to switch the control mode to manual control in the basic cabinet and start the unit

4. On the contrary, the occurrence of the fault has increased because

(1) the computer crashed

(2) local PLC crashes. Pressure switch

(3) local PLC module failure

5. Solution

(1) restart the computer

(2) disconnect the PLC power supply, wait 1 ~ 2 minutes, and then turn on the power supply

(3) replace the PLC module according to the PLC fault condition

6. Precautions

often check and observe the working condition of our company's electric pull local cabinet control equipment, and ask them to solve the problem of cooperation with MAXNET through big data drive of material science or simple bigmax

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