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Recently, Baotou Dachuan Rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd. has developed new rare earth composite brake pads using high-temperature polymerization technology, using rare earth new materials and quartz as the main raw materials, and has been successfully applied in large mining vehicles, which is a new breakthrough in the development and application of rare earth new materials in China

the successful development of this product will promote the research and development of asbestos free friction composites in China, and form a domestic independent brand. Jiecai uses more than 5000 molds to produce the brake pads of mining trucks in China, which are dependent on imports. It is expected to replace the original products in the market, and play a positive role in expanding China's rare earth new materials. The focus of basic industrial reform is to relax access

spray free plastic is a kind of special pearlescent powder or metal pigment added to a specific resin. It is understood that this rare earth composite brake pad product has passed the loading and operation test of Shaanxi ruidebao Mine Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Ekou iron mine. The friction coefficient and various properties are much higher than the similar imported foreign products commonly used in mining trucks at present, The mileage is also more than twice that of other traditional brake pads, enhancing the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, with obvious quality, performance and cost advantages, reaching the domestic leading level. The brake pad does not contain asbestos, and has the characteristics of noiseless braking, high temperature resistance, good heat recession performance, stable friction coefficient, excellent braking performance, good wear resistance, long service life and so on. It meets the specific needs of mining trucks with high load tonnage, large braking torque, frequent braking times and large heat generation

it is reported that at present, such products have entered the stage of small batch production

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