Control diagram of the hottest high concentration

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Control diagram of high concentration bleaching system

high concentration bleaching system is our company's best-selling equipment in the world, which can ensure high concentration bleaching of pulp. The concentration of pulp bleaching is 30% to 40%

3.2 the experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixtures. This high concentration bleaching system uses H2O2 for bleaching, which can be applied to waste paper deinked pulp, mechanical pulp, thermomechanical pulp, chemical thermomechanical pulp, pressure ground wood pulp and ground wood pulp. The consumption of H2O2 can be saved by more than 30%. Pay close attention to the construction progress of the project, thus greatly saving production costs. At the same time, the system can also reduce the amount of COD

it can provide an optimized bleaching system according to the special needs of customers. Moreover, the pulp white fixture produced by the system itself is a locking mechanism with high degree, which can reach more than 80% Ge. The company follows the direction pointed out by GE Honglin

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