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The research and development of rare earth pigments and glaze powder by rare earth waste residue was successful

ceramic pigments and glazes are essential raw materials for building and sanitary ceramics. Zirconium is the main opacifier in China's ceramic glazes. It not only consumes a huge amount of foreign exchange to import zircon sand every year, but also the radioactive hafnium associated with zirconium ore has become a major hidden danger in environmental protection. Sichuan is rich in rare earth resources. With the production of rare earth, a new industry has been born: the continuous increase of plastic filling and modification, and the large amount of rare earth waste generated, if not fully utilized, will also cause serious pollution to the environment. Chengdu Ruide High Tech Research Institute and Sichuan Geological and mineral science and technology development center have successfully developed rare earth pigments and rare earth glaze powders by using rare earth in the future. They can not only replace the raw materials necessary for the production of ceramics, so as to effectively ensure the smoothness of the friction and wear testing machine in daily use, such as zircon sand, zinc oxide, borax, soda ash and other raw materials, but also shorten the firing time, improve the output and quality, and have no pollution

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