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China's rare and endangered species have achieved restorative growth

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recently learned from the State Forestry and grassland administration that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China has strengthened the protection and rescue breeding of wildlife habitats, adopted measures such as on-site protection and ex situ protection, and continued to reduce by 0.81% and 7.2% respectively to carry out the protection of rare and endangered wild plants, including giant pandas, crested ibis, Asian elephants, Tibetan antelopes, cycads The populations of rare and endangered wild animals and plants such as giant cypress in Tibet have achieved restorative growth, but they are in trial practice

through the systematic implementation of the endangered species rescue project, at present, China has established various nature reserves accounting for 18% of the land area, effectively protecting 90% of the vegetation types and terrestrial ecosystems, 65% of the higher plant communities, and 85% of the key protected wild animal populations. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China has established a stable artificial breeding population for more than 300 rare and endangered wild animals. Among them, the number of artificially bred giant pandas has achieved rapid and high-quality growth. After the implementation of the 65% energy-saving standard, 58 giant pandas have survived. The total population of artificially bred giant pandas will reach 633 by 2020. At present, the wild population of giant panda has increased to 1864, the total number of Crested Ibis wild population and artificial breeding population has exceeded 4000, the wild population of Asian elephant has increased to 300, and the wild population of Tibetan antelope has recovered to more than 300000

through the rescue protection of nearly 100 species of small populations of wild plants, such as cycads Debao, gaimu Huagai, Abies Baishanzu, Carpinus Tiantai, Carpinus Putuo, the population of some endangered species has gradually recovered. At present, China has built nearly 200 botanical gardens at all levels, collecting and preserving more than 20000 species, accounting for 2/3 of China's flora

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