The hottest Asian rubber producing countries agree

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Asian rubber producing countries agreed to reduce production and export volume Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the major rubber producing countries in Asia, reached an agreement on Friday to reduce production by 4% a year and export volume by 10% from October to support the declining rubber price. In a joint statement issued by the ministers of the three countries, they said, "although the types of plastic raw materials and additives that can be used have increased, the annual output is planned to be reduced by about 155000 tons, and the output is planned to be reduced by 200000 tons in 2003. The plan will be implemented from January 2002."

in the statement of the ministerial meeting of the rubber joint venture company of the three countries, it was said that "these measures will also restrict the planting of new rubber and promote the diversification of planting and planting products." The production of natural rubber in the three countries accounts for 80% of the world's production. The purpose of establishing the three countries' rubber joint venture company (TRC) is to manage the rubber price, production, inventory and transaction to achieve good operation

due to the oversupply of rubber in Southeast Asia, the rubber price has been hovering at a low level for 30 years. According to the industry data, the decline of the global economy encourages the traditional tire experiments to be time-consuming and laborious. They were all born in 2015 in the United States. Manufacturers reduced production to meet the weakening demand for cars and trucks

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