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Smart electricity supports the construction of smart city in the capital

it is still one month away from the heating season in 2013. Within the Second Ring Road, the coal to electricity project is under construction nonstop. The coal to electricity project is a measure of Beijing company to promote the construction of smart Beijing. Every day, the construction team of Beijing company installs power supply automation terminal equipment for thousands of residents. As soon as winter comes, the relevant power supply information of these automatic terminal equipment will be uniformly connected to the capital intelligent power dispatching technical support system to ensure the safety and stability of power supply during heating

from the completion of the first intelligent apartment in Beijing, to the settlement of the intelligent electricity comprehensive demonstration project of the future science and Technology City, from the intelligent transformation of the substation, to the construction of a new generation of intelligent substation pilot project, and the gradual popularization of electric vehicle charging and replacement power stations from the urban area to the suburbs, Beijing company undertakes the important mission of power supply services in the capital Beijing, as well as the project research and development of intelligent electricity technology and the construction of pilot projects. Today, smart electricity is becoming a powerful support for the construction of Beijing's smart city, shining with light on Beijing, an international metropolis

clean electricity, optimize the capital environment

now officially generate electricity, turn on and slightly turn off the switch. In January this year, we can contact our company for specific operation and judgment. Beijing household photovoltaic system was successful and the small photovoltaic power generation device assembled by Ren Kai, the first person, on his roof and balcony was officially incorporated into Beijing power. Nowadays, these amorphous silicon thin film photovoltaic power generation equipment operate normally

smart electricity can promote the sustainable development of renewable energy. The development of smart electricity can realize the accurate prediction and reasonable control of all kinds of resources, including wind energy and solar energy, and expand the market consumption space, so as to better promote the optimization and adjustment of the energy structure. Huangrenle, deputy director of science and Information Technology Department of Beijing company, said: smart electricity can achieve 100% consumption of renewable energy through active planning, active service and active management

according to statistics, as of October 9, Beijing company has accepted a total of 96 distributed photovoltaic power generation applications, with a total installed capacity of 40559.52 kW. 32 households have been realized, with a total capacity of 18716.43 kW

promoting urban green development is an important part of smart electricity to support smart cities. The development of smart cities in the capital needs clean energy. Replacing oil with electricity highlights the advantages of energy conservation and cleanliness. In September, the smart charging and changing service network of Beijing company ushered in a new harvest. The largest electric bus charging and changing station in Beijing and the largest electric taxi charging station in China have been put into operation in Sihui transportation hub and Tongzhou District. At the same time, the electric Beijing partnership program has also entered the campus, and the private rental of electric vehicles has once again moved forward to the residents of the capital. In terms of operation and maintenance services, the company has also built a unified electric vehicle operation guarantee platform, and all demonstration vehicles are included in the platform management to realize electric vehicle monitoring and real-time fault processing

Beijing company has steadily promoted the construction of electric vehicle charging and replacement power stations, and the development plan of intelligent charging and replacement service network has been incorporated into the overall plan for the development of electric vehicles in Beijing during the 12th Five Year Plan. Up to now, 65 electric vehicle charging and replacement power stations have been built in Beijing, and the service network covers all districts and counties in Beijing. Among them, the electric taxi charging station has provided charging services for 750 electric taxis for more than 200000 times, with a charging capacity of 3.75 million kwh. The mileage of electric taxis served is nearly 20.76 million kilometers, and the carbon dioxide terminal emission reduction is 4775 tons

reliable electricity makes electricity safer.

smart electricity construction can realize the safe and efficient operation of power system. Promote the construction of smart electricity, ensure the safety of urban power consumption, facilitate the comprehensive monitoring and flexible control of the power system, improve the stability of system operation, promote the construction of smart city, and make the residents of the capital more confident in using electricity in order to develop their own cooling textile technology

this year, extreme weather occurred frequently, and rainstorms and insolation followed. During the flood season, 27 large-scale rains occurred in Beijing. In August, in just half a month, the maximum load of Beijing Electric Power broke the historical record three times. During the whole peak summer, the company's intelligent dispatching system was scientifically organized, accurately commanded, and efficiently coordinated. Beijing Electric Power withstood the attacks of high temperature, heavy load, and heavy rainfall, and operated safely, efficiently, and smoothly. In addition, Beijing company has comprehensively upgraded the production command system, added flood control module, meteorological monitoring module, road condition module, and developed and applied a new generation of lightning monitoring system. The intelligent level and emergency response capacity of Beijing Electric Power Co., Ltd. have been continuously improved, ensuring the safety of residential electricity

the construction of strong smart electricity puts forward higher requirements for the development of power distribution and technological innovation. The construction of a smart city in Beijing poses new challenges to the planning and completion of capital electricity, especially smart electricity. In the white paper on serving the development of the capital released at the beginning of the year, Beijing company promised that by the end of 2015, the reliability of urban power supply in Beijing would be improved to 99.99%, and the average household power outage time would be reduced from the current 1.33 hours, but it is usually composed of two basic parts: loading and force measurement to less than 52 minutes

in order to significantly reduce the average outage time of users, Beijing company has constructed and transformed the existing distribution racks and equipment, greatly improved the coverage and practicality of distribution automation, and improved the construction of distribution and emergency repair system. In 2012, the average outage time of urban households decreased from 1.62 hours to 1.33 hours, effectively reducing the number of households with power outages by 381196 hours/household and increasing the power supply by 22.85 million kwh

this spring, the key technology laboratory of modern power distribution was established in the company, which has made a new start in the development of power distribution relying on the brain trust of famous domestic experts and scholars, which also means that the company will make new breakthroughs in the research of power distribution safety, reliability and economy

communication information platform is an important means to support the construction of strong smart electricity. In order to cope with the storage and access of a large amount of real-time data generated by information projects in the process of smart power construction, Beijing company has studied and built a massive real-time data management platform. In June, the construction of a massive real-time data management platform to support the intelligent electricity application project in cross business fields won the first prize for the excellent case and solution of informatization support intelligent electricity. Through the research of massive real-time data management platform, the project integrates real-time and non real-time, monitoring and management information to the greatest extent, so as to accumulate experience and lay a foundation for real-time data management for smart electricity applications

efficient electricity stimulates innovative energy

outdoor electric vehicle charging piles and wind solar complementary street lamps are lined up. Roof solar photovoltaic power generation equipment produces clean energy, and indoor residents can know the power consumption of household appliances at any time. The achievements of the company's smart electricity transformation, zuo'anmen smart apartment shows the advanced concepts of smart electricity in new energy access, energy optimization management, and interactive services

now, this concept will be further extended in the smart electricity demonstration project of Beijing future science and technology city. The project not only integrates intelligent residential areas, electric vehicle charging and changing facilities, power fiber to the home, but also covers many new technologies such as IOT technology, cloud computing technology, distributed power technology, intelligent substation, intelligent self-healing technology, and will eventually achieve a safe, interactive, and clean smart power in the capital city with the characteristics of informatization, automation, and interaction

as one of the important links of intelligent power construction, intelligent substation is the most important basic operation parameter acquisition point, control execution point and the support point of future intelligent power. This year, the construction of a new generation of 220 kV Smart Substation in futuretown has brought this smart electricity demonstration project located in Changping District of Beijing into the fast lane. As an important part of the intelligent electricity comprehensive demonstration project, the station aims to build a new generation of intelligent substation characterized by integrated intelligent equipment + integrated business system application, with the goal of small land occupation, low cost and high reliability, saving more than 12million yuan in project cost. At the same time, designers focus on new equipment, new materials and emerging technologies to build a new generation of smart substations based on the application of power electronics technology and superconducting technology, so as to promote the innovative development of smart substations

it is worth mentioning that based on the smart electricity demonstration project of the future science and Technology City, Beijing company took the lead in the research and demonstration of key technologies of active power distribution of the 863 project, which was also launched in September. After the implementation of the project, the smart power of the future science and technology city will have the ability of active regulation, with outstanding benefit advantages in six aspects: safety, reliability, high quality, efficiency, compatibility and interaction. The power supply reliability has the ability of 99.9999%, and the qualified rate of power supply voltage exceeds 99%. It supports a large number of access to distributed power sources, plug and play, and can also realize energy interaction

in addition to the smart electricity construction represented by the smart electricity demonstration project of the future science and Technology City, at present, many projects such as power fiber to home pilot project, distribution automation project, smart community/building pilot project, power consumption information acquisition project, transmission line intelligent (UAV) patrol inspection, IOT air conditioning demonstration project, electric spatial information service platform (GIS) and so on are still under intense construction in various regions of the capital

the construction of smart city in the capital is an important opportunity to promote the development of smart electricity, which will also help promote smart cities. Since the construction of smart electricity in 2009, Beijing company has completed nearly 20 kinds (items) of smart electricity projects. The company has been striving to ensure the construction of the capital smart city with higher-level, higher-level and higher-quality electric energy

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