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Smart electricity technology and smart electricity knowledge reader were released in Beijing

[on June 18, smart electricity technology and smart electricity knowledge reader, edited by liuzhenya, general manager of the State Power Corporation, were released in Beijing. This is the first batch of works to systematically introduce the achievements of China's smart electricity construction. The author conducted a random survey on the effective travel of electronic tension machines sold in the current market.]

on June 18, smart electricity technology and smart electricity knowledge reader, edited by liuzhenya, general manager of the State Power Corporation, were released in Beijing, which are the first batch of works systematically introducing the achievements of smart electricity construction in China. The two books comprehensively introduced the development history of smart electricity at home and abroad, systematically expounded the concept, key technologies and research fields of smart electricity, and summarized China's technical achievements and practical experience in the field of smart electricity, which will provide a useful reference for the construction of smart electricity in the future

zhengbaosen and caozhian, deputy general managers of the company, unveiled the debut of smart e-books and presented books to representatives of relevant units

at present, major changes have taken place in the world energy pattern, and the prelude to a new round of energy revolution has begun. As an important part of energy supply, electricity is crucial to the development of clean energy, and its development model is therefore facing great challenges and major choices. State Grid Corporation of China proposed to speed up the construction of strong intelligent electricity with UHV as the backbone, coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and informatization, automation and interaction as the characteristics, which has been widely recognized and appreciated all over the world. China is now becoming the world leader in the theory and practice of intelligent electricity

with the gradual development of smart electricity construction, there is an urgent need for some guiding monographs that systematically introduce smart electricity related knowledge and technology. The State Grid Corporation of China organized experts to compile smart electricity technology and smart electricity knowledge reader respectively, which met the needs of readers in the power industry and society. Among them, "smart electricity technology" systematically expounds the basic technology, R & D and application fields, technical standard system and engineering practice of smart electricity, which surpasses similar books on the market in terms of technical accuracy, coverage and content depth; The intelligent electricity knowledge reader introduces the relevant knowledge of intelligent electricity in an easy to understand language and illustrated way, filling the blank of intelligent electricity popular science books

ZHENG Baosen said that the construction of smart electricity is a grand project led by the government, implemented by power enterprises and participated by the society. The compilation of this set of books, proceeding from the overall situation of political, economic and social development, is a strategic thinking on the development of China's power industry and a deep theoretical exploration and technical outlook on the development of power enterprises. This book can not only be used as a knowledge reader for people from all walks of life to understand and understand smart electricity, but also as an important reference for engineering and technical personnel and scientific researchers and a textbook for college students. It provides a good platform and carrier for widely spreading the tortuous experimental electric concept of smart steel plate, ribbed steel, garden steel, just welded parts and other metal materials, and inheriting knowledge wealth

the national energy administration, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, the State Council Development Research Institute, which is not only an indispensable basic production link research center for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also government departments and relevant units such as the China Electricity Council, representatives of some scientific research institutions and power enterprises, Xinhua news agency, CCTV and more than 30 media attended the press conference. The press conference was hosted by State Grid Corporation of China. The two books are published and distributed by Yingda Media Group China Electric Power Press

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