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Smart electricity is a major development opportunity for power related industries

smart electricity, as the development direction of the future power industry, has been recognized by many countries in the world. According to China's national conditions, the State Power Corporation has formulated the development strategic goal of strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone, coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and strong and reliable, economic and efficient, clean and environmental protection, transparent and open, friendly and interactive connotation. At present, the exploration of smart electricity in various countries has gradually developed to the application and pilot stage, and gradually formed a certain consensus, that is, smart electricity should cover all aspects of the power industry, rather than a part of it

the development and construction of smart electricity is a systematic project, involving many disciplines and industries. At the same time, smart electricity has no ready-made experience to learn from. We must be based on China's national conditions and adhere to independent innovation. Therefore, strong smart electricity will greatly improve the overall technical level of China's power industry and related industries, enhance the system innovation ability of the power industry and related industries, drive the overall optimization and upgrading of the power industry and related industries, promote the rapid development of high-tech industries and emerging technology industries, play an important role in promoting the coordinated and sustainable development of economy and society, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction in China, It is of great significance to ensure national energy security and lead and promote knowledge and technological innovation

promote the optimization and upgrading of the energy industry

China's primary energy resources have inherent deficiencies that are inversely distributed with the layout of productivity. As China's coal resources are highly concentrated in the western and northern regions, and the average railway haul distance is more than 1200 kilometers (the longest haul distance is more than 2300 kilometers), the coal sold to the southeast coastal areas has no competitive advantage over imported coal in terms of price. In addition, there are still problems of extensive development, simple processing, high pollution and high consumption in China's coal producing areas, which makes the ecological environment in the western and northern regions more fragile

by building strong smart electricity, we can improve the conversion ratio of coal to electricity in coal producing areas, extend the industrial chain of coal development and utilization, promote the coordinated development of regional economy, effectively transform its resource advantages into economic advantages, and drive the development of local economy. In particular, it can promote the optimization of the local energy industry structure, and try the sustainable development model of resource development and ecological reconstruction on the basis of economic development. For example, promote the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of low-grade coal, accelerate the ecological reconstruction and land reclamation of mining areas, increase the treatment and utilization of gas and coking gas, and promote the comprehensive utilization and treatment of waste resources in coal mine production

smart electricity can not only directly drive the output value of primary energy, increase production capacity and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, but also reduce environmental pollution. Research shows that through overall planning and increasing the proportion of power transmission, the emission of sulfur dioxide in the central and eastern regions can be reduced by 550000 tons/year and the national environmental losses can be reduced by 4.48 billion yuan/year by 2020

boost the development of clean energy industry

China's renewable energy resources have the characteristics of large scale, centralized distribution and far away from the load center. We must take the development path of centralized development, large-scale delivery and large-scale consumption. With the increasing proportion of clean energy in the power structure, the bottleneck of large-scale clean energy consumption is becoming increasingly prominent; On the other hand, the distributed power generation and energy storage system will begin to take shape, but the existing electricity is not fully adapted. The randomness and intermittency of wind power and solar power generation require a substantial increase in the power's fast, stable and reliable energy exchange and transmission capacity and safe and stable operation level. At the same time, strict requirements are put forward for power operation 4, even if the energy conservation of the external wall insulation system meets the standard, such as control, dispatching and command, low consumption and efficient operation

the ability of strong intelligent power to access, absorb and stably transmit clean energy in a wide range will continue to improve, and the ability to access and absorb distributed energy systems will also continue to improve, which will significantly increase the scale of renewable energy, greatly promote the demand for clean energy and new energy power generation equipment, distributed energy and power generation equipment, all kinds of and control protection equipment, and drive energy storage The rapid development of power electronic components and systems industry

in addition, through the smart electricity platform, we can realize the complementary and balanced utilization of different energy sources, improve their availability and efficiency, promote the efficient utilization and scientific development of clean energy, promote the improvement of comprehensive energy utilization efficiency, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction

improve the innovation of equipment industry system

strong smart electricity requires that electricity has a strong structure and agility. A chemical enterprise asked us' how do chemical enterprises interconnect + '? " Zhao Lei's reaction to recall, smart control, environmental protection operation, efficient operation and economic operation have provided considerable development space and huge challenges for the power equipment industry

with the promotion of strong smart power construction, the beneficiary industries will cover all aspects of the power equipment industry. The development of electricity will drive the systematic innovation and upgrading of power equipment manufacturing industry, and accelerate the wide application of new materials and environmental protection technologies. The demand for electric intelligence will put forward higher requirements for the intelligence of traditional power equipment, so as to stimulate the traditional power equipment manufacturing industry to optimize the industrial structure, improve the degree of product informatization, speed up the transformation and upgrading of products, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive technical level of China's power equipment manufacturing industry. In addition, as a strong intelligence, the smart components and sensors, which only use 210 days of electricity from the start to production, will also be further upgraded

the intelligent process of strong smart electricity and the integration process of power flow, information flow and business flow will greatly promote the integration and technology integration of power industry and information technology industry. Therefore, during the construction of smart electricity, the demand for information and communication industry will reach an unprecedented level, which will become a new growth point to drive the development and innovation of information and communication industry

strengthening the weak points of basic industries

the construction of strong smart electricity will strengthen, promote and break through the weak points in some basic industries in China

chip, communication, basic materials and other technologies are the foundation and focus of realizing intelligent electricity, and also the core industry to ensure the safety and reliability of intelligent electricity in China in the future. With the promotion of the construction of strong smart electricity, new technical challenges have been put forward to related industries. For related industries, this is a major opportunity to realize the autonomy of core technology, the localization of key equipment, the industrialization of product preparation, and the systematization of industrial system. It is also a rare opportunity to break the monopoly of foreign technology. Moreover, strong smart electricity and it have a benign relationship of mutual drive and promotion: on the one hand, strong smart electricity's demand for related industries involves all aspects, and through higher and higher technical requirements, improve its technical level and promote industrial development; On the other hand, the improvement of the technological level of relevant industries will boost the development of strong smart electricity and provide it with more flexible intelligent control means

strong intelligent electricity puts forward higher requirements for controllability and adjustability, which can make the application of power electronic devices and equipment in power system become a technical trend in the future, and then lead another revolution in the field of power electronic technology and semiconductor material technology in China

promote environmental protection, energy conservation and people's livelihood industries

smart electricity is a friendly, interactive, transparent and open flexible electricity. As the main way of social terminal energy consumption, electricity will become an important symbol of a well-off life for people in the future. Therefore, smart home appliances, smart power terminals, power optical fiber into the home, etc. will become an important part of environmental protection, low consumption and efficient life in the future. Strong smart power will not only provide a solid foundation for its development and implementation, but also effectively promote the leapfrog development, transformation and innovation of China's home appliances, information and communication, networking and supporting industries; At the same time, it will drive the development of China's energy efficiency management industry and promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in the whole society

in order to alleviate the pressure of increasingly scarce fossil energy, special thermoplastics have also proved their strong advantages in metal replacement and utilization with their own good characteristics. Smart electricity will fully increase the proportion of renewable energy in the power structure, and build supporting charging facilities suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles, so as to lay the foundation for the formation of large-scale energy-saving, low consumption and low emission transportation networks, And extend to drive the rapid development of energy storage industry, power electronics industry, control technology industry, etc

improve the comprehensive social and economic benefits

smart electricity is basically on the same starting line at home and abroad, which not only provides an important strategic opportunity for China to achieve the leapfrog development of related industries and reach the world advanced level, but also a challenge for China to seize the strategic commanding heights of energy conservation, environmental protection and economic development in the future. In order to achieve coordinated, sustainable and healthy development of China's economy and society, we must change the development mode and thinking. The development of smart electricity will drive the optimization, upgrading and transformation of related industries, stimulate high-quality and creative employment, create new growth points with good social and economic benefits, and promote the awareness of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development of the whole society

first of all, the demand of strong smart power construction itself will have a huge market effect, directly promote the scale, energy efficiency and efficiency of related industries, and stimulate the innovative development of upstream and downstream related industries. Secondly, smart electricity will provide society with more high-quality, environmental friendly, reliable and efficient electric energy, reduce resource consumption, improve the cost-effectiveness ratio of investment in all walks of life, and optimize industrial upgrading. At the same time, smart electricity can improve the enthusiasm, initiative and participation of the public in energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, smart electricity itself can also produce huge economic benefits. If China's peak power consumption can be reduced by 5%, hundreds of billions of yuan will be saved in 20 years

strong smart electricity is an economical, efficient, clean and environmentally friendly modern electricity, which is conducive to the rational planning and implementation of macro policies and economic levers, so as to encourage the development of energy conservation and emission reduction industries, eliminate backward, high pollution and high energy consumption industries, fundamentally promote the conservation and rational utilization of resources, and reduce the comprehensive cost of social and economic development. At the same time, smart electricity will create many jobs and employment opportunities, of which the highest proportion will be green collar jobs and green collar employment opportunities

I believe that with the promotion of strong smart electricity construction, it will drive the upgrading and innovation of a series of industries, promote the transformation from made in China to created in China, and promote the leapfrog development of power and related industries; At the same time, it will also play a radiating and pulling role in surrounding industries such as infrastructure and livelihood services. Liu Ji

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