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Smart electricity starts with digital design

2010 Bentley Jinan gold assay cantilever impact testing machine operation mode power solution theme annual meeting was held in Kunming on November 18. More than 20 electric power design institutes and Bentley software experts participated in the meeting had a full discussion and exchange on the digitalization of power system. Yao Qiang, deputy general manager of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, who attended the meeting, believed that mankind was about to enter the digital era, and the power system was also facing the challenges of the digital era

smart electricity is first of all the concept of digital electricity

smart electricity, which has different understandings in different countries at present. Richard, Bentley's global marketing director, believes that smart electricity can be a flexible concept. Different countries can pay attention to different aspects according to their own needs or development level, and have different priorities in different periods. The starting point of the concept of smart electricity was to control the power consumption during the peak period, but now many countries also pay attention to the intellectualization of power generation or transmission and distribution. For example, in the United States, we will pay more attention to new energy and distributed energy management; In Europe, more attention is paid to the impact of the upgrading of electrical equipment on electrical stability; In China, the strong smart power proposed by the State Grid Corporation of China puts more emphasis on the centralized and unified management and control of national power based on a strong frame, and ensures the safety and reliability of power, such as secondary protection

but no matter which concept it is, the core value of smart electricity emphasizes the management and control of change. The difference is that the object of this management and control is to focus on power generation, transmission or distribution side. This requires that smart electricity must first be digital electricity, connect assets and equipment through digital sensors, and establish a two-way communication network that integrates data collection, integration and analysis, and decision-making systems. He Libo, technical director of Bentley Greater China, told this newspaper that this means that every component in the electricity is required to be controlled and described, and this requirement must be fully considered at the design stage of the power system

digital electricity starts from digital design

according to the information reflected at this annual meeting, domestic electric power design institutes have been gradually working towards digital design, PA: Pascal =n/m2) State Grid and other owner units have also begun to put forward the requirements of digital handover in some new design projects. According to Wu Gang, director of the information and Archives Department of Central South Electric Power Design Institute of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, the Institute and State Grid Corporation of China tried out digital handover at Qingdao converter station for the first time. Qingdao 5. When the number of reciprocations reached the preset value, the converter station was the receiving converter station of Ningdong Shandong 660kV DC transmission project, with a total investment of about 2.7 billion yuan

deputy general manager Yao Qiang believes that digital design will promote the design institute to gradually realize many changes. First, in terms of methodology, from decomposition and reduction to system integration, information technology makes it possible for designers to grasp the whole system; The second is the language environment, which changes from the transmission of analog quantity to the transmission of digital quantity; The third is the use of tools, from imitation to intelligence. Intelligent tools have brought business, enterprise and employee reengineering to the design institute. Through informatization, the core business of the design institute has been reduced by about 50% of the management process, and some processes have been replaced or solidified at the same time; The fourth is people. Mr. Yao said that people born after the 1990s are aborigines in the digital age, and people born before the 1990s are immigrants in the digital age. As immigrants, how to adapt to the challenges of the digital age as soon as possible is also a topic that designers need to face at present

in addition to bringing internal changes, digital design is also the need of market changes. Wu Gang said that since the State Council issued No. 101 document in 2001 to promote the comprehensive system reform of design institutes, large industrial design institutes have gradually transformed into engineering companies and strive to do general contracting (EPC) in business. This requires the design institute to reform the design method and consider the whole life cycle of the project. From the beginning of design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and finally project scrapping should be considered. Wu Gang, for example, said that fine design can bring value-added benefits, such as convenient and accurate extraction of material procurement data such as wires and cables, so as to control the budget and reduce procurement costs, and improve the competitiveness of design institutes. Wu Gang believes that with the progress of the project, the loss of design will be amplified. Only with accurate design and construction can we operate economically and reliably. At the same time, good design can make the project have the longest life cycle and the best economic benefits. Digital design can better provide quantitative support for the whole life cycle management and control of the project. At this conference, the Jiangxia substation project of CSDI won the final of Bentley Innovation Award. One of the reasons why he won the prize is the innovative use of Bentley substation 3D design, which successfully achieved the commercial goal of saving the floor area of the substation area in the urban area by reducing the safety clearance

Liu Desheng, general manager of Bentley Greater China, said that Bentley's power solution is strong in design, but it is also very valuable in asset management, configuration management and construction management. Take the control system design tool promis E, as the bearer software, promis E take database as the core. Its database structure covers the whole design range, including graphic symbol library, equipment model library and logical relationship Library (verification database). The verification database makes collaborative operation possible. At the same time, in the digital handover, all the logically related design data stored in the verification database can make the desired data possible, such as equipment coding, equipment operation cycle, maintenance cycle, etc. A set of databases with logical relationships will play an important role in the operation. By ensuring the time matching between the data model and the physical model, it has laid a solid foundation for digital electricity

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