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The smart power plan is expected to be issued in July, with a total investment of no less than 1trillion

with the upcoming national new energy development plan, the national power has also been forced to create a strong, efficient and intelligent power to accommodate more new energy power generation input and output

the electricity at home can charge new energy vehicles, and the electricity consumption at home will be automatically priced according to the different time periods of the day. The electricity price will automatically rise in peak hours and fall in trough hours. Users can also see the electricity consumption of the whole city

this is not fiction. In 10 years, we may achieve all this. This is the concept of "smart electricity" in the new energy strategy announced by the government, which is endowed with better gloss, stronger toughness and high weatherability by Barack Obama of the United States. China will also be the second country to implement this strategy after the United States

"we will build a strong smart electricity in 2020." Liuzhenya, general manager of State Grid Corporation of China, announced publicly a few days ago. Liu Zhenya's confidence in such a high-profile announcement is that the "UHV" line previously built by the State Grid has been in trial operation for nearly half a year, and the establishment of smart electricity based on UHV lines will become possible

on the other hand, with the coming of the national plan for the development of new energy, the national power has to create a strong, efficient and intelligent power to accommodate more new energy power generation input and output

relevant experts predict (excerpted from the Chinese experimental machine in this article) that the total investment in building an internationally advanced smart electricity will not be less than 1trillion yuan

high profile

the development and development of national power in electrical technology has been attracting much attention, and controversy has been heard. When people are still focusing on the construction and operation of UHV, the United States launched its own smart electricity transformation plan

in January 2009, Obama released the report on the scale of recovery plan, announcing that 3000 miles of transmission lines will be laid or updated, and smart meters will be installed for 40million American households

on April 24, Liu Zhenya, general manager of China National Power Corporation, visited the United States and met with US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, He also delivered a keynote speech at a conference entitled "stronger electricity - prospects for China and the United States" in Washington, D.C., saying: "China National Power Corporation is comprehensively building a strong electricity based on UHV as the backbone, coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and independent innovation and internationally leading strong intelligent electricity characterized by informatization, digitalization, automation and interaction."

less than a month later, at the "International Symposium on UHV technology" held in Beijing, Guodian announced "high-profile" to the public: "in 2020, to build a strong smart electricity, we should strengthen advertising efforts." Liu Zhenya introduced that smart electricity should first be a strong electricity. Being strong is the basis of smart electricity, just like a person's physique. Intelligence is the key to the full play of strong electricity, just like a person's brain. The two complement each other and coordinate

"in combination with the basic national conditions and UHV practice, China National Power Corporation has put forward the development goal of building a strong intelligent power, that is, to accelerate the construction of a unified strong intelligent power with UHV as the backbone, the coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and the characteristics of informatization, digitization, automation, and interaction." Liu Zhenya said to

the new energy plan encourages

"the development of new energy such as wind power and nuclear power also forces us to develop intelligent electricity, because intelligent electricity can meet the output and access of various power sources." Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of State Grid, told me

according to the "new energy development plan" to be issued by China in the near future, China will build several ten million kilowatt wind power bases in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, the coastal areas of Jiangsu Province and Inner Mongolia to build the "Three Gorges wind power project"; Develop large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation in Northwest China; Continue to accelerate nuclear power development in the central and eastern regions and large-scale hydropower development in the West

"the large-scale utilization of these intermittent renewable energy will challenge the traditional electricity, and their instability will impact the traditional electricity, and smart electricity will solve this problem well." Shu Yinbiao said

"at that time, the ability of optimizing the allocation of resources for electricity will be greatly improved, the installed proportion of clean energy will reach 35%, distributed power generation will realize 'plug and play', and smart meters will be widely used." Ge Zhengxiang, director of the Research Office of the State Power Corporation, said

has become a new growth point

"the economic and social benefits driven by smart electricity are huge, and the radiation industrial chain is very long. If UHV is the 'high-speed power', smart electricity is the 'central nervous system', which involves the communication industry and electrical industry, and also drives the new energy industry." Shu Yinbiao said. When governments are vigorously promoting the development of emerging industries, there must be large-scale investment follow-up, which plays an important role in expanding domestic demand and stimulating the economy

some insiders predict that the relevant smart power plan in China is expected to be issued in July

Lu Qiang, a professor of the Department of electrical engineering at Tsinghua University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told that although Guodian did not announce the investment scale of smart electricity this time, he predicted that the total investment in the three stages would exceed 1trillion yuan to reach the international advanced level


three steps of smart electricity

State Grid Corporation of China will promote the construction of strong smart electricity in three stages

2009~2010 is the stage of planning and trial labor intensity, focusing on the development planning of strong smart electricity, formulating technical and management standards, carrying out key technology research and development and equipment development, and carrying out pilot projects in all links

2011~2015 is the stage of comprehensive construction, which will accelerate the construction of UHV and urban and rural power distribution, initially form an intelligent power operation control and interactive service system, and achieve major breakthroughs and wide applications in key technologies and equipment

2016~2020 is the leading and upgrading stage, and a unified strong smart electricity will be built in an all-round way, with technology and equipment reaching the international advanced level

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