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Smart electricity supports China's large-scale energy management

recently, the two-day 2011 smart electricity International Forum was successfully concluded in Beijing. At this forum, liuzhenya, general manager of the State Power Corporation, said that the construction of smart electricity has been written into the outline of China's 12th Five Year Plan, and China plans to invest 1.6 trillion yuan in the construction of smart electricity in the next five years; By 2020, it is planned to form five vertical and six horizontal UHV transmission backbone, and basically realize strong smart power and UHV line system coverage in China. Liu Zhenya introduced that since the concept of strong smart electricity was put forward two years ago, the promotion and popularization of smart electricity in China has been carried out in the form of pilot projects. At present, China has built 6 intelligent power consumption pilot communities and 22 intelligent power consumption communities are under construction, and the service platform covers 35000 customers. At the same time, two large pilot areas, the Shanghai WorldExpo Park and the China Singapore eco city in Tianjin Binhai New Area, have also been built. The completion of smart electricity will provide strong support for China's large-scale energy management

realize intelligent power saving for power users

it is reported that strong intelligent power is a complete intelligent power system. It includes power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching and other links, covering all voltage levels. The development of all links is closely connected and coordinated with each other. At the same time, it also has a strong function of information transmission and exchange. As a new electric framework proposed to adapt to the modern energy mode, intelligent electricity has the characteristics of reasonable structure, safe operation, efficient and flexible operation control. Its strong resource allocation ability and risk resistance ability, high automation level and self-adaptive ability play an important auxiliary role in regulating the distribution of power resources in China and realizing real-time, intelligent and systematic power saving schemes. From individuals to high-energy consuming industries, smart electricity can help users conveniently and accurately grasp the self weight of the rack (including loading shaft, sample fixture, etc.) set during the manufacturing of the constant speed experimental machine 367.5n, which is convenient for each home to analyze data and transfer the power consumption of electricity or equipment and processes, and can timely carry out energy-saving control for links with high power consumption

therefore, at this electricity forum, many experts pointed out that one of the most effective ways to solve China's current electricity shortage is to save energy, and the key to energy conservation is to start with energy management and promote the concept and mode of intelligent electricity use. Wang Guanghui, Secretary of the Party group of China information and Communications Co., Ltd., said at the meeting that energy conservation will become the most important form of energy investment in the future. If China does not save energy through smart electricity and smart electricity consumption mode, it will be difficult to continue to maintain high-speed economic development. In the future, China will undoubtedly become the largest demander of smart electricity

for example, a survey shows that in terms of daily electricity consumption, most users in China have not taken substantive measures to save electricity. On the whole, China's energy consumption per 10000 yuan of GDP is 4 to 5 times that of Japan. The application of smart electricity will effectively solve this problem. For example, Wang Guanghui said at the meeting that Beijing should prepare an installed capacity of up to 10million kW each year to cope with the power consumption of air conditioning. From the perspective of energy conservation, this is very unreasonable. After the promotion of intelligent power consumption, the power terminal and household power consumption can realize dispatching connection. After the user turns on the air conditioner, the terminal can control other household appliances (such as 25mm × 25mm × 2=1250mm2=12.5cm2; Electric fans and refrigerators) cut off power for a few minutes to save electric energy, which can reduce the power load of air conditioning by 50%

realize nationwide power allocation

in recent years, China's energy industry has developed very rapidly. According to statistics, in the past five years, China's wind power industry has doubled every year, and now it has rapidly become the world's first wind power equipment manufacturer and installation country. Since 2009, China has also made great progress in the solar photovoltaic power generation industry. From this year, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and local governments have begun to jointly promote large-scale solar energy application plans, and China will soon become a world leading country in solar photovoltaic power generation

however, while the energy industry is booming, the distribution of energy resources and consumption demand in China is still uneven. Conventional energy and renewable energy resources are mainly concentrated in the western and northern regions with low energy consumption, while more than 70% of the energy demand is concentrated in the eastern and central regions, and the energy base is about kilometers away from the load center

in response to this phenomenon, Liu Zhenya introduced China's future transmission line development plan at the forum. In 2015, national power will cover 88% of China's land area, supporting the access and consumption of 90million kW wind power and 8million kW solar power. By 2020, national power will form a UHV backbone with five vertical and six horizontal lines to realize real-time state monitoring of electricity and intelligent dispatching control of eastern and Western energy. In addition, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will focus on the development of large-scale intermittent energy integration technology, high-density multi-point distributed power integration technology, large-capacity energy storage system, intelligent power distribution and consumption technology, as well as intelligent dispatching and intelligent power transmission and transformation technology

at the same time, relevant people of State Grid also introduced the rapid response ability and self-healing ability brought by the informatization function of smart electricity to power enterprises and users at the forum. Smart electricity gathers all kinds of non electric information, including weather, environment, natural disasters, and even the power consumption trend of a big hope that can help everyone's activities. It provides a large amount of data for the comprehensive prediction of the overall electricity, predicts the operation status of electricity in time, and quickly finds and eliminates faults. Fully realize the informatization of power distribution, fully integrate the current of electricity and the relevant information of power distribution, so as to realize the plug and play of various peak power supplies and provide technical support for interactive power consumption

therefore, accelerating the construction of a strong intelligent power system with UHV as the backbone, the coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction is of great practical and strategic significance for realizing long-distance and large-scale transmission of electricity, optimizing the allocation of energy resources nationwide, and ensuring the demand for energy for sustainable economic and social development

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