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Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute: smart electricity first

focus on 2009, smart electricity is undoubtedly a focus topic. Since the national household appliance company proposed the goal and decision of building a unified and strong smart electricity in China, the national system has quickly set off a climax of discussion and learning about smart electricity. The vast number of electric power people are excited and encouraged by this magnificent and beneficial project. Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute is preparing for the high-end war of electric power construction with high morale

act quickly to seize opportunities

as the pacesetter of Shaanxi electric power construction, the construction of smart electricity is undoubtedly both a severe challenge and a rare opportunity for Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute. The Institute quickly unified the thoughts and understanding of all employees to the grand goal of building Shaanxi strong smart electricity, actively studied the relevant technical knowledge of smart electricity, timely mastered the cutting-edge trends of smart electricity design, and strived to provide timely and effective technical decision support for the construction of Shaanxi strong smart electricity, and also accumulated strength for the new round of leapfrog development of the design institute

the construction and implementation of strong smart electricity is a quite complex system engineering. In order to ensure its healthy, standardized, scientific and efficient development, we must adhere to unified planning, unified standards and unified construction. Among them, unified planning and design is the premise. The Institute has taken a series of measures to ensure the effective and efficient planning and design of strong smart electricity

the Institute has set up a leading group, working group and special research group for smart electricity research to implement the decisions and deployment of the provincial power company on smart electricity construction, coordinate and arrange uniformly, and do a good job in smart electricity construction. Organize superior forces and go all out to carry out the design of 750 kV Yan'an intelligent substation, one of the four intelligent pilot substations of State Grid Corporation of China

launch the preparation of the strong and smart power plan of Shaanxi electric power company, organize elite troops and strong generals, and ensure that the preparation of the 2011-2020 master plan is completed to a high standard by the end of November

has undertaken two of the five smart electricity special research projects of the provincial power company: the research on the design and construction standards of smart substations and the preparation of general electric equipment design specifications

sorted out the major issues that need to be accelerated, determined 24 topics such as "Research on intelligent substation automation system" in the Institute, and began to carry out research

comprehensively start the data collection, information tracking and internal exchange and learning related to smart electricity in the hospital, formulate the learning and training plan, and encourage professional technicians to master the technical knowledge related to smart electricity design as soon as possible

since August, the working group has held a special seminar on smart electricity every week to study and discuss the characteristics, functions, key technologies, etc. of smart electricity, and comprehensively promote the research work of unified and strong smart electricity design

concentrate on the pilot

750 kV Yan'an intelligent substation pilot project is one of the first batch of four intelligent substation pilot projects of State Grid Corporation of China, one of the four intelligent electricity pilot projects of Shaanxi electric power company, and also the first intelligent electricity design project undertaken by Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute. The goal of the provincial power company is to build it into an intelligent substation with the characteristics of digitalization of station wide information, networking of communication platforms, standardization of information sharing, and interaction of advanced applications, and to ensure that the project will be completed and put into operation in 2010

"intelligent substation is the first task at present", which is the order given by President xuwanjun to the staff of the hospital after receiving the design task of building intelligent substation pilot project. He personally led the design of this key project, and the preliminary design scheme seminar presided over by him was held three times

the special research group of intelligent substation immediately launched the design and research work of relevant data collection, external investigation and internal exchange and learning, and sorted out the topics that need to be studied as soon as possible

professional and technical backbones participated in the preparation of technical guidelines for 330kv-750kv intelligent substations organized by national companies, and participated in the seminar organized by national companies. According to the spirit of the conference, the preparation of aluminum alloy cables for low-voltage distribution used in Yan'an 750kV United States and other North American countries is the main design principles and research topics of intelligent substations according to ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy technical specifications, Carry out equipment and technology research for the subject

The preliminary scheme of pilot project design of 750 kV Yan'an intelligent substation condenses the hard sweat of the design backbone. The scheme has been revised several times, and internal design scheme seminars have been held many times. Xu Wanjun not only put forward guiding opinions for the substation design in general principles, but also carefully guided the designers in the details of the design scheme report

the bidding for primary and secondary electrical equipment of Yan'an 750 substation has been completed. For this, on the one hand, the design institute held a symposium for equipment manufacturers to listen to the manufacturers' introduction of intelligent electrical equipment and learn about the performance and functions of the equipment; On the other hand, actively coordinate with equipment manufacturers and other parties to ensure that the design scheme can be implemented and is progressiveness

at the beginning of September, the Institute completed the preliminary plan for the pilot project design of 750 kV Yan'an intelligent substation, which was discussed and reviewed by experts from provincial and national companies. At present, the Institute is further improving the design scheme based on the opinions of the expert group, and at the same time, it is preparing relevant special reports as the technical support of the design scheme

in the next step, the Institute will continue to give full play to the technical advantages of the design institute and actively carry out the design of Yan'an 750 kV intelligent substation according to the overall requirements and deployment of the company

learning improvement and further improvement

"during the day, 3 is high-quality products to obtain 10 points, difficult to learn, and rush at night", this is Lei Hong, a professional engineer in the electrical room of the Design Institute, describing the work since the development of intelligent electrical design

5. Tls-s (1 ~ 50) Ⅲ double number display spring tension and compression testing machine since the construction goal of unified intelligent electricity has been clear, the technical backbone of the design institute has carried out research and learning activities quickly under the leadership of the working group. They went to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing and other places to investigate and study. In order to save time, we made the schedule in advance, usually studying and researching during the day and flying to another destination at night

during the investigation, the technical backbones learned about the development status of domestic digital substations and intelligent substation solutions from intelligent electrical technology equipment units, exchanged design plans with brother institutes, and visited the digital substations under construction on site

"wherever you go, you should try to see more, ask more, compare more and think more. Just like primary school students, you should not miss any details." Jiaoguofeng, a young design backbone of the electrical room, recalled the first time he went out to investigate and study, and said modestly

after the investigation and study, the designers entered a more busy work stage. "The dean is very concerned about the investigation, so we must take out the written report materials as soon as possible. On the second day after the investigation, we worked overtime until 2 p.m. and rushed out the investigation report." He Zengke, director of the electrical room, said while looking at the design drawing

in addition to writing special research reports, another more important work is to prepare the design scheme of the pilot project of intelligent substation, which is a difficult and repeatable work. The design of the scheme should be targeted and feasible. After the scheme is issued, it should be reported to the president first, then to the provincial company, and finally to the national company. For each report, we should work overtime and stay up late to write the report materials. After the report, we should revise the scheme based on the opinions of YAG laser with the working wavelength of 1064 nm from all parties. For each report, we should change it once

technicians also use the working gap to learn various design materials, samples and manuals, and constantly recharge, so as to lay a good design foundation for building a strong and intelligent Shaanxi electric power that meets the national electric requirements and the actual development of Shaanxi electric power, with strong guidance and operability

Zhang Zhengli, deputy director of the electrical room, joked, "if you want to know how hard we have been working these days, just look at director he's swollen eyes and gray face."

indeed, the designers who devote themselves to smart electricity have written hard on their faces, but their pride is also engraved in their hearts

the Xiongguan pass is like iron, and now we are going to cross over from the beginning. The construction of smart electricity is a grand and arduous project. Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute, as the pacesetter of Shaanxi electric power construction, will continue to give full play to the enterprise spirit of "striving to surpass and pursue excellence", forge ahead bravely, make unremitting efforts, and climb a new peak of smart electricity design

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