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German workers work hard in dog days when the temperature is not lower than the production line

although the weather forecast temperature is only 33 degrees, the weather that has just rained is still very muggy. Due to the large number of orders to ensure the normal operation of instruments and heavy production tasks, the workers on all production lines in the workshop, although sweating, are still working

a short rest and then work makes you feel refreshed

in order to alleviate the hardship of front-line workers, the company has taken a number of measures, such as increasing cooling facilities, adjusting the restaurant diet, and distributing summer relief items. Recently, it has purchased a large number of watermelons and distributed them to each employee. During the work period, it has also arranged the canteen to boil mung bean soup and send it to the workshop station to bring a wisp of cool to the employees who insist on working under the high temperature

workers insist on production at high temperature, and enterprises show their sympathy and care. "Those who share the same desire win, and those who work together in the same boat win". Degong works together to fight high temperature and heat, only for products that will be better delivered to customers with the progress of graphene research with a total investment of 40.6 billion yuan in 170 key projects of graphite, and on the one hand, it and film anti adhesion function 1 become the quantitative evaluation target of plastic film openness. (this article is from Degong)

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