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Teleperformance released "Omni channel customer service center strategy to improve enterprise performance"

Abstract: teleperformance Internet enterprise credit released the white paper "Omni channel customer service center strategy to improve enterprise performance". The report shows that customers who have had a negative customer service experience have reduced their brand loyalty by about 30%

the total number of people in China is more than half of the total population, and nearly 80% are deep users of social media. Chinese mobile device users have moved their production to China every day due to most brand manufacturers; On the other hand, exports are also slowing, and the average investment time on social media is more than 90 minutes

now, the initiative to interact with brands and enterprises is in the hands of consumers. They can not only choose the form of communication, but also the time and place of communication. This situation has changed the traditional customer experience. 9. After the experiment, press the power switch to turn it off, which makes it show nonlinear characteristics. More and more enterprises hope to meet this challenge through Omni channel customer service solutions

teleperformance Internet enterprise information: release the white paper "Omni channel customer service center strategy to improve enterprise performance"

Omni channel strategy is a collaborative operation mode that integrates all customer service channels of an enterprise and provides seamless customer service experience for consumers

the relationship between consumers and enterprises must be based on an omni channel customer experience strategy that can improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The right Omni channel customer service experience strategy needs to combine rich industry experience, high-quality employees, appropriate methods, security and technical capabilities to bring excellent Omni channel customer service experience to customers

teleperformance Internet enterprise credit

teleperformance Internet enterprise credit customer experience Laboratory (cxlab) conducted research on this. In 2016, cxlab interviewed thousands of end consumers in many countries and vertical channels. The survey results clearly show that customer service has a significant impact on brand loyalty; In addition, the implementation of Omni channel customer service experience can greatly improve the performance of enterprises. The report shows that the more channels consumers use in communicating with customer service personnel, the more likely they are to recommend the brand to others

cx global survey found that so far, voice service is still the most commonly used and favored channel for cross regional customer service in the process of communication with customer service centers (more than 60%). Voice service is also the most popular channel for Chinese consumers, but even so, it is still low compared with other surveyed countries (47%)

customer service is an extremely important factor affecting consumer loyalty. The loyalty of consumers who have had positive customer service experience is 14 percentage points higher than that of consumers who have not contacted customer service; The loyalty of customers with negative customer service experience is 26 percentage points lower than that of customers who have not been exposed to customer service. Therefore, providing customers with a satisfactory customer service experience is to improve the business performance of enterprises

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teleperformance group entered China in 2007 to establish Beijing Internet Enterprise Information Technology Co., Ltd., a professional BPO business provider and outsourcing call operator, and an industry famous outsourcing customer service center expert. It has set up six sites in China with about 5000 employees and seats in five cities, including Beijing headquarters, Xi'an Branch, Nanning Branch, Kunming Branch and Foshan branch. Relying on the strong backing of teleperformance group and adopting its globally unified service standards and operational assessment indicators, Beijing Internet Qixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. strives to provide our customers with professional and systematic voice outbound and inbound calls, chat, email, social media and other multi-channel customer service services. We have a group of loyal, dedicated and professional management talents and technical experts, and a scientific quality management system, which can provide customers with personalized outsourcing service solutions. Through strong technology development ability, efficient resource integration, strong operation ability and rigorous management process, we are committed to assisting customers and partners to continuously optimize their competitiveness and realize the maximum business value of customers. Our clients include many Fortune 500 enterprises, 90% of which have long-term cooperation with us

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service industry/vertical market: Telecom/Internet access providers, financial services, tourism, e-commerce, technology, online games, finance, insurance, consumer goods, hardware, software, retail, energy

service methods/multi channels: voice incoming/outgoing, online chat, e-mail, social media channels

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teleperformance group was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in France. At present, it is the largest outsourcing call operator in the world, and it is also the oldest and most experienced enterprise in the industry; At the same time, the number of seats in the world ranks first in the world (with more than 217000 employees); Its business covers 74 countries around the world; 311 customer contact centers provide services for more than 160 markets and more than 265 languages and dialects; More than 1.4 billion customer contacts are made every year. Leading CRM call center experience; Global business distribution; Flexible solutions and cooperation mode; Reasonable cost control; Unified operation standard culture; Good financial condition and senior industry experts and management team are the foundation of teleperformance's success

teleperformance group is a listed enterprise on the European stock exchange, with the trading code of 5180 Customers can check our annual reports and real-time stock information through our official website. Teleperformance, with a business revenue of US $3.7 billion in 2016 (about RMB 23billion to see whether it will cause errors or downtime failures), is the best financial enterprise in the same industry in the world. Introduction to the industries the group has been involved in:

over the past 37 years, teleperformance has gone deep into the major industries of global telecommunications, finance, insurance, e-commerce, media, it, energy facilities, tourism, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceutical and other industries, and has successfully provided CRM centered service systems for large multinational companies such as at t, Verizon, AIG, Microsoft, Citigroup, Expedia and other global top 500 enterprises, including customer mining, customer value-added Technical support, debt recovery and market research; 90% of our customers have years of cooperation with us

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