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Ethernet based temperature and humidity monitoring scheme for archive storeroom

I. overview

generally, there are relatively strict requirements for the ambient temperature and humidity in the archive storeroom, and the temperature and humidity should be controlled within a certain range through control means

the temperature and humidity of the environment have a great relationship with keeping archives well and prolonging the service life of archives. Because the temperature and humidity have a great impact on the materials made of archives. High temperature and humidity will accelerate the hydrolysis and aging of paper, multiply the mold and bacteria that endanger the materials made of archives, enhance the photochemical effect, and increase the adsorption capacity of harmful gases and dust

the following is the suitable range of temperature and humidity for all kinds of archives warehouses in China

warehouse types temperature range relative humidity range

paper archives warehouse 14 ~ 24 ℃ ± 2 ℃ 45 ~ 60% ± 5%

metal records archives warehouse 18 ~ 20 ℃ <50%

Plastic records archives warehouse <20 ℃ 50%

recording tapes archives warehouse 15 ~ 22 ℃ 40 ~ 60%

black and white films and photo warehouses 10 ~ 20 ℃ 55 ~ 65%

color films and Its photo storeroom 13 ~ 17 ℃ 55 ~ 65%

machine readable archive storeroom 15 ℃ ± 5 ℃ 60% ± 5%

microfilm archive storeroom 15 ~ 25 ℃ 25 ~ 40%

system introduction

compared with the traditional control network, industrial Ethernet has many advantages, such as wide application, supported by all programming languages, rich software and hardware resources, easy connection with the Internet, and seamless connection between office automation network and industrial control network. Because of these advantages, especially the seamless integration with it and the incomparable transmission bandwidth of traditional technology, Ethernet has been recognized by the industry

the integrated Ethernet port enables users to get rid of the ground restrictions of serial port communication and control that may contain pollutants, and allows users to make local connections or interconnection connections. The network module supports tcp/ip, UDP and other protocols, and can also be used as a webserver to allow users to access environmental parameters through pages

th5819 is a temperature and humidity sensor with Ethernet interface. Each sensor has its own independent IP. It transmits the temperature and humidity value through the network to actually monitor the temperature and humidity on site

th-5819 realizes the perfect combination of the most advanced network technology and traditional sensor technology, and promotes the development of traditional technology market with leading technology

1. Introduction

th-5819 is a temperature and humidity sensor with Ethernet interface, which can measure temperature, humidity and dew point at the same time. The temperature and humidity data are displayed in real time through large screen LCD. RJ45 interface makes the field wiring simple, open communication protocol, and supports a variety of network negotiation modes at the same time

th-5819 has enough space for upgrading medical materials now and in the future, and can continuously meet the latest needs of customers and the market. At the same time, our engineers provide the most comprehensive technical support to ensure the smooth application of products

2. It should not exceed ± 1% Technical indicators

1. temperature measurement range: -20 ℃ - +70 ℃

2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃

3. Humidity measurement range: 1% - 99% (non condensing)

4. Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 3% RH (typical value)

5. Network interface: RJ45, 10m/100m

6. Support protocols: ARP, UDP, TCP, Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, DHCP, HTTP, etc., customized

7. Acquisition rate: real-time

8. UDP port: 10050 (default)

9. TCP port: 10050 (default)

10. Power supply: dc12v

11. Maximum working current: less than 300ma

12. Overall dimension: 180 x 125 x 65 (mm)

III. system advantages

the hardware structure of this scheme is very simple, Through a temperature and humidity sensor with Ethernet interface, the collection and transmission of temperature and humidity in the field environment can be completely realized. Simple field wiring and convenient maintenance. The temperature and humidity data are transmitted through Ethernet. We can monitor the temperature and humidity of the warehouse anywhere in the local or wide area, and grasp the zero position of the ring adjustment pointer in the warehouse at any time; Environmental changes to ensure the safety of stored data. (end)

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