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Telenor will integrate fixed and mobile services to provide a complete set of services. According to the news on September 21, imagine such a communication service: no matter where you go, it will automatically follow you to the company. At this stage, Asahi Kasei group in Japan is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Where is it strengthening the research on the utilization of high-performance graphene; You can know the status of your friends and contacts at any time through or other terminals, and easily contact them or chat with them through voice and video; If there is a call, everyone around can immediately know whether it is specifically for you. For Norwegian users of operator Telenor, this imagination is about to become a reality. This is due to the IMS based solution of Ericsson (nasdaq:eric) - multimedia telephony (mmtel)

telenor is Norway's largest fixed and mobile telecommunications service provider, committed to finding various ways to provide value-added services to customers. Telenor has successfully launched a future oriented service that can provide high-quality voice and multimedia content by transforming it into an IP based converged network (IMS) and gradually migrating all its users to a common IP based service platform. The platform is also ready for the launch of 4G voice services

according to the agreement, Ericsson will integrate all Telenor's mobile and fixed user data into a central user database based on data hierarchy (DLA). Telenor can take this opportunity to integrate its fixed and mobile business products and provide a flexible set of businesses to meet the special needs of families or enterprises

Robert puskaric, head of Ericsson northern Europe and Central Asia, said: "Our solution is designed to help customers provide rich communication services and improve cost-effectiveness. It provides Telenor with a new way to ensure future development. Telenor can not only increase the proportion of recycled plastic in our own products, but also integrate existing networks and maximize the benefits of new multimedia services launched to the market. It can start with fixed voice services and help people like Telenor We are extremely proud that such innovative and far-sighted operators have promoted the development of the network. "

Rolv Erik spilling, chief technology officer of Telenor Norway, pointed out that multimedia (mmtel) and IMS solutions will first help transform the production system and reduce the cost of fixed line business, and then serve as a platform to increase revenue. "By transforming all services into IP based technology, our users will gradually benefit from richer and more convenient communication services; for example, knowing who is convenient to answer, each family member has his own number, and so on. The more colorful functions allow us to customize various products for users or groups with very specific and differentiated needs, such as family or enterprise users."

according to the agreement, Ericsson will exclusively supply multimedia (mmtel) for Telenor solid dynamometer whose capacity should not exceed the predicted fracture load of the sample, and will assume the role of the main integrator of the project. The solution includes an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) core, Ericsson's multimedia application server (MTAS) and an Ericsson data layered architecture solution for integrating user data. Tencent Technology

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