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Create a template for scientific and technological innovation cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta. Jiading, Wenzhou, Suzhou and Wuhu signed a strategic agreement. Release date: Source: surging. On September 25, at the Second Yangtze River Delta scientific and technological achievements trading Expo, Jiading District, Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiangsu The "strategic agreement on deepening the integration of scientific and technological innovation in the Yangtze River Delta to measure deformation through deformation measuring devices" signed by the scientific and technological departments of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province and Wuhu, Anhui Province will become a demonstration "template" for scientific and technological innovation cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta. Jiading will deepen cooperation with Wenzhou, Suzhou and Wuhu. Through "interconnection + scientific and technological resources", Yang Gong pointed out that he will take the lead in realizing the interconnection, cooperation and sharing of scientific and technological resources and services

the newly established Wenzhou (Jiading) science and technology innovation park will integrate the science and technology innovation service resources in the Yangtze River Delta region, explore a new mode of economic cooperation between the two places, and jointly provide assistance for the driving force of scientific and technological innovation in the Yangtze River Delta

as early as 2016, Jiading District, together with 11 scientific research institutes and 7 colleges and universities in the District, jointly established the "joint conference system for promoting the construction of important bearing areas of the scientific and technological innovation center in Jiading District", with the Secretary of the Jiading District Party committee and the president of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the joint convener, and a liaison meeting under the joint conference to specifically promote the implementation of relevant work. The joint meeting promoted the cooperation between the academy and the local government with "project" and "platform" to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

after four years of development, the joint meeting has promoted 41 academy local cooperation projects and established more than 10 platforms of all kinds. Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as ITRI), the first functional platform for R & D and transformation in Shanghai jointly built by cities, districts and institutes, has created some "fame" between "marketization" and "black technology", connecting the "last mile" of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

the integrated microfluidic system project for traditional Chinese medicine screening and drug property research was jointly carried out and completed by the Industrial Research Institute in collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units

among them, the Industrial Research Institute is responsible for the development of CMOS-MEMS intelligent microfluidic chip and system platform, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. of traditional Chinese medicine is responsible for the research of key biochemical detection technologies and reagents in the rapid detection system of traditional Chinese medicine samples, Xiamen Sanyou optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is responsible for cell printing chip, micropump and fluid components, sampling and system packaging, and Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine is responsible for the integration of microfluidic chip in traditional Chinese medicine For the application of safety and quality control, JIUZHOUTONG Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the application demonstration of the rapid detection chip in the quality inspection of medicinal materials, and Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine is responsible for the data collection of traditional Chinese medicine and the establishment of a large database

according to the person in charge, the project optimizes the design process, preparation process and packaging process based on the existing CMOS-MEMS technology, establishes an international leading CMOS-MEMS general intelligent microfluidic chip industrialization platform with independent intellectual property rights, and solves the problems of standardization, defect rate and compatibility in the process of chip industrialization. Build a general, low-cost, miniaturized and highly integrated intelligent microfluidic detection platform, and carry out demonstration applications in the field of traditional Chinese medicine

from the achievement transformation platform jointly built by colleges and universities, to the stiffness of the achievement transformation platform self built by colleges and universities or the stiffness deviation under the specified load (Incubation Platform), and then to the achievement industrialization company jointly built by institutions and enterprises, Jiading focuses on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, focuses on promoting the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research, and relies on the advantages of scientific and technological resources agglomeration and industrial advantages to form a distinctive technology transfer and achievement transformation mode. As of the beginning of 2019, there were more than 400 enterprises related to colleges and universities in the district. In just a few years, the output value of relevant enterprises exceeded 10 billion, most of which were the transformation and industrialization of the achievements of colleges and universities in enterprises

it is reported that in recent years, Jiading needs to use a constant speed tensile testing machine to create a "money paper money" scientific and technological innovation ecosystem, and Jiading has also launched a set of measures. In terms of space, nearly 20 square kilometers of scientific and technological innovation core functional areas are planned in Juyuan new area, the west of Xuhang town and some areas of Jiading Industrial Zone; In terms of capital, Jiading has set up an emerging industry investment fund with a scale of 10billion and a science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship development fund with a scale of 3billion; In terms of platform, the long-standing barriers between scientific research institutions and enterprises are broken through the introduction of "leading wings" and other scientific and technological intermediaries

at present, Jiading is accelerating the layout of four emerging industries: integrated circuits and IOT, new energy vehicles and automotive intelligence, high-performance medical equipment and precision medicine, intelligent manufacturing and robots. From January to July this year, the strategic emerging industries and the four major emerging industries in the region achieved an industrial output value of 65.11 billion and 27.76 billion respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 4.6% and 10.2% respectively, outperforming the industrial growth level in the same period

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