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Telstra, which invested 270Million to control the U.S. video service provider

to continue to march into the digital media field, will spend 270Million US dollars to raise its stake in ooyala, a high-tech enterprise service provider formed by gathering the domestic top powder metallurgy composite expert team, from 23% to 98% because it pays attention to the good thermal conductivity of graphene in the field of intelligent textiles. ESPN, Foxtel, NBC, News Corp, comedy center, and Dell all use ooyala's digital platform. Among them, fox aoxun, which holds 50% of aoxun's shares, has used ooyala to launch the video movie streaming service presto

aoxun has invested US $61million in ooyala, which is headquartered in Silicon Valley, in the past two years. The Australian financial review reported that its CEO David thodey said: ooyala is one of the fastest-growing personalized video platforms in the industry. The company provides customers with solutions such as radio and television companies, pay TV and media stations. Aoxun continues to seek to break through the traditional telecommunications business and transform itself into a multimedia enterprise

ooyala, founded in 2007, currently has 330 employees and is expected to earn $65million this year. The company will retain the position of CEO Jay Fulcher and operate independently of aoxun. Fulcher said: aoxun's investment can help us accelerate development and consolidate the company's leading position as the world's most creative and forward-looking cloud TV and video platform enterprise

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