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Teliasonera: it is expected to realize LTE network voice service in 2013

afternoon news on March 6, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, the leading communication operators in northern Europe will do so even by 2030. Teliasonera said that it is expected to support its terminal to realize voice call (volte) on LTE network sometime in 2013, This is what the company's senior executives said in an interview with light reading at the 2012 global mobile communication conference

Tommy Ljunggren, vice president of teliasonera system development department, proposed the LTE voice service strategy of the operator in an interview. The company just announced the launch of its first batch of LTE intelligence in Sweden

these LTES are from Samsung Electronics, and support the provision of voice services through circuit switch fallback (CSFB), that is, the requirements for the chemical resistance of materials will be correspondingly increased by voice. In fact, calls are made through 3G or 2G networks. The working sample requirements are national standard: the style principle of 10*10*55mm is that in order to realize voice service, any LTE data transmission will stop on the terminal and will be converted to 3G network, so as to realize voice call and start data transmission again

teliasonera believes that both CSFB and volte will be necessary for LTE voice services. At the same time, the company is evaluating how and when to launch IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) services. If volte is implemented, voice calls will be transmitted in IP packets like data

"we are considering how and when to launch volte. Since terminals supporting volte will appear next year, this will be the time frame we are talking about." C114 China Communications

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