The 12 fire engines of Zoomlion won the national c

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Zoomlion's 12 fire engines have obtained the national compulsory certification certificate

Zoomlion's 12 fire engines have obtained the national compulsory certification certificate

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on April 9, Zoomlion's 17 fire engines and 12 products of accelerator for shotcrete machinery company obtained the national compulsory certification certificate issued by the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of public security

the compulsory certification of fire truck products belongs to a very strict category of products in the national compulsory product catalogue. This certification has to go through the application, type requirements, foam granulator type test, factory review, certification approval and other links. There is only one certification authority and product inspection authority in China, so the resources are quite tight, and the certification time limit is often unpredictable

however, through the careful planning of the management and the effective cooperation of various departments, the company successfully completed the certification of this batch of products. At the same time, this batch of products is the most certified since the establishment of the company. Among them, five products have obtained certificates four months after the completion of the test, which is the fastest certified products over the years

among the products in this batch, 11 are the products optimized and upgraded by the company, and the emissions are all national four standards. The categories include ladder, high spray, climbing, compressed air foam, emergency rescue and other products. Their fire-fighting and rescue performance is more superior, and the reliability and stability of products are greatly improved; One product is a brand-new product of the company, i.e. 60 meter high spray. This car is the first product of the company to enter the ultra high altitude fire extinguishing product industry, and its market prospect is considerable

after obtaining the certificate this time, the company has a total of 42 valid certificates, of which 3 are the development trend of biomedical materials industry: technological innovation, high-end products, industrial integration, regional clustering and internationalization of layout. 1 is a national four emission product, which means that these 31 products lay a solid foundation for the company to expand the territory of the fire truck market in 2015 and provide a strong backing for the vigorous promotion of Zhonglian brand fire truck products

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