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Yuezhi 120000 ton Offset Paper project is about to be tested.

Yuezhi people are doing their best to fight SARS prevention and control, while doing everything possible to maintain the steady progress of production and operation technological transformation. In April, Yueyang Forest Paper Group Co., Ltd. completed an output of 23583 tons, with an excess of 69 tons. The high-performance polymer products created by Cisco have been widely used in the automotive industry. Among them, Yueyang Paper Co., Ltd. completed a paper output of 12612 tons, with an average daily output of 420 tons, breaking the historical record. The 120000 ton Offset book and journal paper technological transformation project, one of the top ten landmark projects in Hunan Province, basically meets the test conditions

the sudden epidemic tested Yue Zhi and her more than 10000 employees and family members. On April 29, Wang Xiang, the general manager of the company, said firmly that the company would make every effort to achieve "zero SARS" in Yuezhi

120000 tons, all the participants overcame various difficulties, worked hard on the construction site day and night, and carried out daily and weekly assessment on progress, quality and safety, which effectively promoted the progress of the project. In April, the papermaking project achieved the goals of electricity, water, compressed air and air conditioning. The wet end and pre drying end of the paper machine have circulation conditions; The installation of paper machine enters the final stage; 90% of the total work has been completed in the installation of auxiliary machines, and 95% of the total work has been completed in the deinked pulp of waste paper; Each sub project has completed the target tasks as planned

production tends to be stable and the output begins to rise. On the basis of historical output, the output of each production workshop has greatly increased by fixing the test samples on the lower friction table. Among them, the output of three papermaking, chemical wood, chemical mechanical pulp and chemical workshops has reached a record high of 3 Elastic limit: the maximum stress that the material can bear without permanent deformation

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