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The 125th Canton Fair of puchuan technology came to a perfect conclusion

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the 125th

Canton Fair

Guangzhou, China

April 15-19, 2019

New Era sharing the future

frequency converter: new products show the charm of puchuan technology

April 15-19, 2019, the 125th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (also known as the Canton Fair) was grandly opened in Guangzhou. It is reported that the total exhibition area of this Canton Fair is 1185000 square meters, the total number of booths is 60651, and 24846 domestic and foreign exhibitors

at booth J19 in hall 10.3 of the Canton Fair, putuan technology frequency converter is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching highlights. Putuan technology exhibited a number of high-quality frequency converter products, including its pi500 Series High-Performance general-purpose frequency converter, pi500a series basic frequency converter, and all the very popular photovoltaic special products. At the same time, the pi150 series new products on display also attracted many foreign merchants to stop and visit

general products: new optimization and upgrading highlight competitiveness

as a representative work of puchuan technology to implement the green development theory and optimize R & D design, the new color matching pi500 Series High-Performance general-purpose frequency converter shows the core competitiveness and brand characteristics of puchuan technology products. It is deeply favored by customers at the Canton Fair, effectively promoting the development and expansion of puchuan technology's overseas market and enhancing the brand's international popularity

product 1

general purpose plastic shell product

Product 2

general purpose soft starter

special products: smart manufacturing upgraded new products appear

in addition to general-purpose products, puchuan technology can complete heating experiments to become an excellent electrical system solution provider, and it also appeared in booth J19 in hall 10.3 of the Canton Fair with new special-purpose products

many products such as the integrated lifting machine for building construction, the special products for pi500-c series air compressors, pi500-t, pi500-e, pi500-s, etc. have attracted many merchants to stop and understand with their unique ingenuity on the scene (1) removing all bundles. The innovative products and professional services have left a deep impression on foreign investors and have been highly praised

during the exhibition, president Tang, the head of overseas sales of puchuan Technology International, was interviewed by the CCTV "quality" program group. Quality is a special documentary program with the theme of focusing on growing enterprises, and is committed to promoting the craftsman spirit of excellence

with a 35 year brand development history, puchuan technology has been adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, paying attention to the common development of the industry, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, and highlighting the control of product quality. President Tang said that the growth of production and the quality of products are the core of the company's development. In the future, the company will continue to focus on brand promotion and product quality. Referring to the trend that overseas market development is taking a breaking experiment at the same time, president Tang said that in the future, puchuan technology will actively participate in international exhibitions and expand the vision of international business teams

the Canton Fair has always been an important window for PU Chuan technology products to be displayed to overseas merchants. Over the past 10 years, the reputation and professionalism of Pu Chuan technology products have been continuously upgraded, and more and more customers recognize and favor Pu Chuan technology brands. In the future, puchuan technology will actively cultivate new competitive advantages in foreign trade, layout overseas markets, and better promote the development of puchuan technology brand

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