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The "120" emergency command center in you County, Hunan Province was officially launched

at 9 a.m. the day before yesterday, the "120" emergency command center in you county was officially unveiled. Mao Chunliang, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and Publicity Department of the county Party committee, Minister of oil quality inspection and good maintenance, Huang Qingxiu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, Tan xiangxu, deputy head of the county people's government, Peng Xinli, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, and others attended the unveiling ceremony

in order to effectively solve the problems existing in the current "120" first aid work in our county, further standardize the service behavior, improve the pre hospital first aid medical network of our county, improve the ability to treat the acute, critical and seriously injured patients, and ensure the health of the people of the whole County, the county health bureau began to set up the county "120" first aid command center in March last year after the County Health Bureau reported to the county people's government for research and consent

successively organize relevant personnel to make preliminary preparations such as preliminary research and data compilation; Through the centralized bidding and procurement procedure of the government, the "120" call acceptance system and other related equipment were purchased, and the reconstruction of the public site with 38 models of lithium manganate batteries in the central station was completed in strict accordance with the setting requirements; Supporting construction has been carried out for five emergency sub stations successively, and on-board GPS systems have been installed for 10 emergency vehicles; At the same time, first aid workers were organized to participate in training at the municipal and county levels to seriously learn first aid knowledge. 3 Make new breakthroughs in innovation, laws, regulations and etiquette, be familiar with the geographical location of you County, and master the "120" medical emergency network workflow. Five medical institutions applying for the establishment of "120" first-aid stations were examined and checked, and the county people's Hospital and the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine were determined as second-class first-aid stations, and the county second hospital, the third hospital and the new City Central Health Center were determined as first-class first-aid stations

since the official launch date, the "120" pre hospital first aid numbers of the county people's Hospital "120-1", the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine "120-2" and the county second hospital "120-3" have been cancelled, and all pre hospital first aid in the county is uniformly dispatched and managed by the County "120" first aid command center. The pre hospital first aid work in our county implements the basic mode of "unified acceptance, unified dispatch, unified command and unified management", and is dispatched according to the principle of "patients or family members are voluntary, the area is nearby, and the condition is professional", and the treatment work is implemented around the service tenet of "timely, efficient and orderly". Public information of you County

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